Our History

Committed to quality service and family values for over a century.

Each of our five locations has a different story to tell.

Our Bucktrout location dates back to 1759 and is the oldest funeral home in America. A part of Colonial American history, today Williamsburg is the home to Civil War reenactments. The Bucktrout family operated a cabinet shop at this location and made caskets for community members who passed away. He had a family farm and offered to bury the deceased on his property, more out of generosity than for money.

Our Riverside location also is over a century old. In 1889, the Roush family originally opened a funeral home at what today is the Riverside location. In 1955 it was acquired and rebuilt by Eddie Faulkner as Riverside Funeral Home, before Altmeyer purchased the business in 2005.

In 1995, Altmeyer purchased Greenwich Road, their first Virginia facility. Their team gutted and renovated the entire location. In 1998, after rapid growth in the Tidewater area, the Altmeyer Funeral Home- Virginia Beach was established under the direction of James E. Altmeyer, Jr. The Umphlette family owned the Denbigh location before selling the business to the Altmeyer family in 2000.

When Virginia Beach split into counties, the Oceanfront Maestas Funeral Home was the first funeral home in the county. In July 2007, this location was shut down for a complete makeover. Altmeyer purchased the 1801 Baltic Avenue location in October and reopened the remodeled facility in December 2007.

The most recent addition was the Chesapeake Funeral Home built in 1968 and spanning 2.5 acres of land. The oldest funeral home in the area, Chesapeake Funeral Home was purchased in 2010 by Altmeyer and renovated in 2011.

Over the years, some things have never changed. A passion for aiding others, quality services and caring professionals, we vow that as time continues, Altmeyer Funeral Homes & Crematory will never forget these principles.