RIP Janie Never assume the time that you have to share your feelings with someone. I’m still so lost for words .. from the day I met Janie( in 1980s )she just took me as her friend , even though there were missing years of not seeing each other she always kept in touch … Not only was she a friend, and sister in law, but she was a sister in my heart and became someone I looked up to. She was fragile but a very strong woman. ❤💪 She was just telling us how she had her guest room ready for us… You never had to think about a place to stay when you went to visit her it was always assumed you stay with her because it had to be that way, that’s the way she wanted it ,that’s the way she got it .. no if ands or buts! She was an amazing woman! Janie we love you and will miss you.. but you are at peace now with Richard where you can live happily ever after in Gods heaven free from pain and suffering. And I know you will be that angel always watching over us, because that’s what you do ❤😪 One of my favorate pictures..

April 22, 2021