Condolences for James Lewis Gentry

J R and Kathryn Snell posted on 9/8/18

We were so sorry to hear of your father's passing. Gentry was very special. We have so many good memories of him at the company. He loved his family very much. Our thoughts and prayers are with your entire family.



Darnell Williams posted on 9/4/18

My condolences to your family. God promises to fortify you and hold your hand during this difficult time Isaiah 41:10. Continue to rely on Him for comfort and strength.


Pat Doss posted on 9/3/18

Please know I am holding your family up in prayers. I would always made sure your Daddy always got the "1st pick" of the season when I went to Pungo to pick strawberries, blue berries, black berries and peaches. He was always kind to me and I will always have the highest respect for his love of family, ALL of his family. Please remember to be kind to each other during the hard time and lift each other up, harsh words have a lasting impact on the future. Now is not the time to leave scars. I know your Dad loved me because he was always "trying to find me a good husband" and for that I will always be grateful. Sandy, you know I am ALWAYS here for you and love & support you.


Patty Gentry posted on 9/2/18

My Beloved Daddy, after a lifetime of love, care and concern, it's so hard to say good-bye to you. How can I say "thank you" and really let you know that what that means from my heart. Ever since I was a little girl we shared so many great times together: going to country music shows, bluegrass festivals, and countless trips to battlefields. Spending special times with you made us that much closer and I will never forget them. You taught me to be strong in my heart and mind, to enjoy life as it came at you and to always take care of myself. There were a few times in our lives that we didn't agree on things; but, we always got through those times and we were always there for each other. I know you have forgiven me the few times I disappointed you and I thank you for your understanding. And the times I didn't have the money to feed my cats, you always said "well, you do the best ya can" and you let me put it on your credit card. Thank you for showing my cats love and concern. You said that Pretty Boy was "your cat" and the morning we had to say good-bye to him, I saw you cry and pat his head. I will miss watching our movies and tv shows with you, making up adlibs when we were so tired of watching them to try and make them watchable, listening to your stories and jokes, and just being with you. Daddy as your heart was beating its' last, I held your left hand and had my right hand over your heart. At 12:55am, I felt your last heartbeat, and it made my heart stop, too. I will always be grateful for the life you and Mama gave me and I will carry you both in my heart until the day we are all together, again. Rest in Heavenly peace, Daddy, and you don't have to worry about me, you will always be with me in my mind and heart. Love you, always, Patty.


Patty Gentry posted on 9/2/18

To My Beloved Daddy