Condolences for John Robert Kidd, Jr.

Robin Peabody posted on 12/6/18

Well my friend today we say goodbye. I will miss you fighting with me...I will think of the good times we had. You rest in peace my friend. Until we meet again in heaven. Peace and love always


Heidi posted on 12/6/18

John, I am just speechless! I just got back in the area and looked for my crazy friend. You had the hugest heart. Always thought people deserved chances and chances, more than deserved. You were like a big kid brother to me! We have shared so many laughs . When I moved to Vegas we still videod and talked constantly! I'll always remember me trying to treat you, because you always insisted you pay. We went down to norfolk because the ships where in full force. I said you will enjoy the cheap food and entertainment my paycheck can offer. It was one of our best nights. You absolutely loved your whole family. Always raved about your sisters etc. I love you and you will be so missed❤️


Angela Summerlin posted on 12/6/18

You will forever be in my heart baby brother. I love you! RIP John until I see you again. Love, Ang


Donna Pruitt posted on 12/6/18

Thank you, John. You have left so many precious footprints in my life. I love how you would tell me to just chill out and relax Aunt Donna...then after a couple of anxiety attacks...I decided that was good advice. I always could count on you to bring me back to the lighter side of life. Laughter is great...and I believe that I'm going to be doing more of it because time is precious...You Are Precious...I Will Miss Your Face But...I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN!!! I LOVE YOU...


Laura Frizzelle posted on 12/6/18

RIP John. I don’t know why but for some reason I got to see you and hug you just days before you passed and I hadn’t seen you since Anne Marie’s viewing. We have soooo many memories dating back to our teenage years. I got to know the intimate, soft side of you. We have had some really great conversations. And laughs, your laugh is one of a kind. I will miss you forever. Prayers for peace to Debbie, Angela, Lauren, Lindsey, Grandma, Patty, Tommy and the feast of his beautiful family!


CH posted on 12/5/18

Sorry for the loss of your dear love one. May you find comfort in God's promise to swallow up death forever and wipe out every tear from their eyes. Isaiah 25:8 Condolences


Elaine posted on 12/5/18

My condolences to the family of John. May his memories keep you strong. Please find comfort in God's words at 2 Corinthians 1:3,4 and John 5:28, 29. May He sustain you at this time of such great loss.


Lauren posted on 12/5/18

I love you brother John! You were an amazing person with such a BIG heart!! I will miss your funny and fun personality, your laugh, and just your presence. From fun nights out to waking up feeling like we got hit in the head with a baseball, you knew how to have a good time!!! The strong smell of your cologne as you prepped for a night out was ridiculously strong as Lindsey and I coughed and chocked while applying our makeup! Your outfits and shoes were always on point! You never left the house without asking if you looked ok or asked if we would rock your outfit. We would tell you the truth because Lindsey and I would be sure you were styling! That smile of excitement and happiness you showed when things were going just right! I will never forget those short memories that you shared with Braxton! John I love you and I will ALWAYS remember and continue to share our funny stories and adventures together. I have your voice down to a T! I love you, you are now at peace so rest easy! Until we meet again!! Love your little sister Lauren


Debra Accardi aka “MOM” posted on 12/4/18

John you were my little bird that needed me the most. If loving you the way I did, you would have been safe, free from anything you went through.You were so loved, by all of your family,. But, you knew that! A mother goes to great lengths to protect their children and provide a safe home, but in life you can’t protect yourself from some, who are self absorbed with greed, they set out for destruction of others, in the end, they to will reap what they sew! You saw so many things in a different way, you thought that people you cared about were like you, if you get mad, then you forgive, it’s over. You forgave them, why shouldn’t they in return, forgive you. I always forgave you. You were the brightest star and you didn’t even know it. Your sisters, your family never stopped loving you. I wanted so much more for you. I’m devasted, my heart is broken. Looking back at videos with you and the girls, hearing your laugh, chokes me up, but brings a smile to my face. Rest In Peace, my son. No one can harm you, you are in the arms of Angels, God will keep you safe, we don’t say good bye, I’ll keep the memory of you and me in my heart ❤️forever I love you, John. Love “MOM “


Tom Pruitt posted on 12/4/18

As the shock of his sudden loss lifts, all the memories flood in. John was such a loving person, so very kind. Quick with a laugh and helpful hand, always ready to protect and defend his family and friends. I remember the younger cousins saying “John’s not afraid of anything!”. He was such an adorable little boy and never lost that twinkle in his eye or that mischievous smile. We are only just beginning to realize how terribly we all will miss him. God Bless you, John Boy, until we meet again. With all our love, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Patti, Tommy and Patricia