Condolences for Father James E. Parke

Steve Taylor posted on 6/29/20

You are missed my dear friend.



Chuck Mojock posted on 3/30/20

Fr. Jim was a good shepherd with a heart big enough to always include everyone. He was one of the inspiring people I met at St. Mary’s. Thanks and enjoy your reward with our Father in heaven.


Yancey Ellis Cobb posted on 3/15/20

Father Parke gave my Grandmother's eulogy. I call her Saint Pat. She did not brag. He enlightened the crowd of the organizations she founded in Salem,VA. I never knew how much she contributed to the community until Father Parke Spoke. Above and beyond just to make the trip to speak at her funeral and he called it an honor to do it. I did not realize, until now, the seed that Father Parke planted and how it has grown. I have to give credit to Jesus and thank him for each and every always


Jannette Hunt posted on 10/18/19

Father Park was amazing and fun, and everyone at Roanoke Catholic LOVED him! He lit up rooms with his fun-loving approach and way he engaged children. He was very easy to talk to and always knew the right thing to say. In VA.Beach, my aunt and cousins had the pleasure of welcoming him and sharing in his wisdom and laughter! He will be missed, but the previous memories I hold will live in my heart daily.



Mary Kate Pesce posted on 5/8/19

God Bless you Father Jim.. I can't believe you're gone but I hope you're in a much better place and resting comfortably. With the Lord!!!


Mary Kate Pesce posted on 5/8/19

So sad to hear of our Father Jim Parkes passing..We first met Father Jim back in the early 2000 when we.. My son who is a Special Ed kid and myself came from up north to live in Virginia Beach. When my son finally graduated from Salem High School back in 2016..Father Jim came to that ceremony to watch the services at the Convention Center.. We were so proud of our Autistic son Nick and so Humbled to have Father Jim also watching and taking part.. He still must have been so sick back then and but never brought it up but came to see us anyway!! Hail to you Father Jim!! We will always miss you and remember all your wonderful masses you gave us at our Church of the Ascension..! May your soul finally rest in peace in heaven with God... Amen!


Maureen flanagan posted on 5/3/19

Father Jim was the kind of priest Pope Francis talked about in 2013: one representing “the community of the yes” as opposed to the “church of no”. He was brave and compassionate and a true representative of Jesus. Bless him!


Patty Shaw posted on 5/2/19

You are now with our Holy father in Heaven. I first met father Parke when I was in the Rcia at church ascension. We had alot of laughs together, he was a amazing man I knew. He also renewed my parents marriage vows. And when my father died in 2007 he did the blessing at the funeral .just about 2017 he also was by my side when my mother died. I will see you again in heaven Father Parke. Rest easy my dear friend. God bless you and keep u always



Donna Abate posted on 5/2/19

I will always think of you dear Padre as my were all that a priest should be - you walked the walk and talked the talk - generous with your time and love, inclusive, caring, filled with a love of humanity and a willingness to help. to comfort. I will always remember and hold dear time spent with you and I will always be inspired by those traits you embodied that were God-given. Rest in peace with the Lord Father Jim


PAULETTE THOMPSON posted on 5/2/19

My memories of Father Parke are that he was sweet, caring, and accepting Pastor, who cared for and about me from the first time I met him. I am thankful that God placed him in my life.


Fr. John Manuel posted on 5/2/19

Father Jim was the epitome of the priesthood. He brought the elevation of the faith to the level of the common person. He was a priest's priest add a parishioner's priest, a priest in the life of true service. I shall always honor and remember him.


Lieutenant L. Thompson - VBSO HRC Liaison posted on 5/1/19

My deepest sympathy for such a wonderful inspirational man. Father Parke will be greatly missed by our city. Sending prayers and comforting thoughts to is family. Father Parke was a friend to everyone he meant.


Charliepefley posted on 4/30/19

Its a big loss for me because he and John Rooney helped me to be the big C. I will miss his wit and his laugh. . He was great and I will miss him .



Kevin and Jenny Deegan posted on 4/30/19

We would like to say how sorry we are for your loss. Father Jim was an Awesome man. He married us back in the 90's as well as baptizing our oldest son who is now 20. He was so easy to talk to and down to earth.....not typical of a catholic priest. Anyone who met him fealt at home. He also presided at my mother's funeral...he was so compassionate! We will always remember him as a kind man and what priests should emulate to be. Rest in peace Father Parks!


Pat and Chuck LeGeyt posted on 4/29/19

Father Jim was an extraordinary human being, who touched our family's lives in so many ways. We were so blessed to have him as our pastor and spiritual leader. He will definitely be missed. We will remember him always with a smile.


Linda Wahlert posted on 4/29/19

Fr Jim was a man for all seasons! Supportive in the best of times & the worst! I miss him already!


Ellen Spangler Wilson posted on 4/29/19

I’m Ellen Spangler Wilson and was a McKeesport High School classmate of Jim Parke. He was always such an outgoing, thoughtful person. My husband and I had lunch (or breakfast) with him at our high school 50th reunion. He was still the same person and seemed to be very happy with his life as a priest. Then I moved to Norfolk to live near family and saw the obituary; he had been living here for awhile! I know he will be sorely missed. I so agree with “God chose to live within each of us with life to its fullest.” Rest In Peace, Father Jim.


Danny and Joyce Cobb posted on 4/29/19

Father Parke you were a great presence in the lives of so many. Your resounding laughter will echo forever in the hearts of all who knew you. We send our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the family and remind them of all of the memories that are there to comfort forever.


K.G.Cartino posted on 4/29/19

Father Parke, Thank you for all your service to Jesus Christ and all Christians everywhere over the many years you have served Tidewater and other locations! I was shocked when I saw you last, (approx a month or so earlier) that the the Diocese of Richmond fired you for administering the eucharist to a non Catholic and performing a wedding to a couple when one of the two didn't have an annulment prior to the marriage. They wouldn't even let you administer Mass one last time before you were given your walking papers! Father Parke, I know God loves you as do I and his son Jesus finds not fault with your Catholic rule violation. I pray for you and the Catholic Church that is survives the future despite its absurd and archaic ridiculousness!


Karen Mabry posted on 4/28/19

In the summer of 1987, Fr. Parke served as interim principal between the departure of the last two religious and the beginning of my term as head of School at Roanoke Catholic. Although he initially had many doubts about the future of the school, he showed up every day in the interim, opened his heart to all of the staff, parents and students - and fell in love with the Roanoke Catholic School community. He helped to create and fill the role of school chaplain and taught a religion class. His enthusiasm and support were a key part of the "turn around" that led to the strong and vibrant community that is RCS today. Thank you Fr. Jim!


Tim & Terri Barden posted on 4/28/19

Our deepest sympathies to a wonderful & caring man.


Tim & Terri Barden posted on 4/28/19

Father Jim Parke


Greg & Jan Franceski posted on 4/28/19

Fr. Jim was so much more than all the wonderful things he did throughout his life He was a wonderful, honorable Christian to everyone. He was a loving, caring, concerned person for anyone who came to him. He was a priest whose vocation had no boundaries. He was an example to all of us who knew him on how to be a better person. His enthusiasm for everybody and everything was almost overwhelming to many who had the opportunity to work closely with him in fulfilling the Church's mission. And in turn, Fr. Jim, we all love you and care for you and wish for you an eternal peace and your well-deserved rest with God, Our Father..


Monica Tromba posted on 4/28/19

Fr Parke has been a real Godsend to my family. From my wedding, to my son’s baptism, my father’s funeral, as well as multiple visits between TN and Cape Cod, MA, we considered him family. He was a great man! We will miss his laughter and his generous heart. Our love to his family. The Tromba’s


Bob Clark posted on 4/27/19

What a wonderful person Father Jim was. I knew him in Roanoke, VA in the 1990's. He was an unofficial pastor of radio stations WFIR and WPVR. Father Jim had his own radio program Saturday nights on WFIR for years. Father Jim treated everyone the very same and we are all better for having known him.


Diane Previtire posted on 4/27/19

So sad to hear of Fr. Parke's death. He restored my faith and made his sermons meaningful. I loved his positive out look and his great sense of humor. He was such a kind person and will be missed.


Matej Hronec, Prague posted on 4/27/19

Dear Padre Jim, thanks for your big help in difficult time, for your amazing laugh, fairness (also in complicated catholic questions) and positive energy. You will stay in my heart and will be inspiration for my whole life. I have dilema if to pray for you or pray to you. You will be missed. I am so sorry that you couldnt come to visit us to Prague. Rest in Heaven !


J. B. SanGiacomo, PGA posted on 4/27/19

Padre, you've done so much for my family. Thanks are never enough. You'll be greatly missed, not only by my family but by Tidewater as a whole.



Rosemary Hambrick posted on 4/27/19

Father Jim ~ You were GRAND...and will always be. I am grateful to you for all which you were to our family, and for the memories.


Peggy Privott posted on 4/26/19

Farewell to one of the most beautiful human being and Christian that I have ever known. You were a true gift to me and my family. You are in our hearts forever. Rest In Peace, my friend.


Rebecca Young posted on 4/26/19

Father Park always did the right thing not the politically correct thing He loves deeply lived humbly and showed compassion ...the true message of Jesus And the true reflection of the calling which he took very seriously


Bill, Jen and Phoebe Nichols posted on 4/26/19

I have known Fr. Jim Parke for 40 years after all the years would get together for dinner with my family. He taught me so much about life and acceptance of others. He was a blessing to all who knew him.


The Portner Family posted on 4/26/19

Fr Parke helped make the world a better place. We will always remember him and his great humor, thoughtful homilies, and sincere caring about every person.



Rick and Chris Schroeder posted on 4/26/19

Dr, Parke blessed our family in so many ways through the years. He gave both our children 1zt Communion and blessed our Daughter's marriage. He was truly a man of God and saw God's presence in all. We have all been blessed to be a part of his journey. May His family be comforted by his memory and continue to deliver God's love as he did.


D. R. STATON, P.C.E., VBPD posted on 4/26/19

No man I ever knew was ever more of a friend to me than Fr. Jim Parke. We shared a joint ministry with a precious elderly family. We assisted each other at times. Fr. Jim was the best of the best. I cherish his memory. I already have and do miss him greatly! I will look forward to seeing him again in Eternity! Fare thee well Dear Brother, Fare thee well! Family and friends I shall be praying for you... Be blessed and comforted. He has just graduated to his new home! D. R. STATON, POLICE CHAPLAIN EMERITUS VBPD... [email protected]


Michael and Sabina Haydu, and their children Farid, David, Michaella, and Mila posted on 4/26/19

Someone we love is gone, he has gone to a better place, to a better place in heaven, but he lives on in our love and memories of him.


Chaz O’Connor posted on 4/26/19

Father Jim and I have known each other since I was 12...24 years ago. He was my best friend who introduced me to god in a loving, caring and gentle manner. Because of him I started viewing God as a loving “father” instead of a “puppet master.” Father Jim was always thinking about me, and never hesitated to help or spend time with me when I needed a friend...a tradition we still continued doing because we loved each other’s company (for after 2013 we always met at Salvador’s to grab pizza). He was present in my family’s life too. Father was the only priest who my brother, dad, and friends loved. He was there for me when my grandfather, dad, and brother died (even pr sided at their funerals; basically everyone; every young person (church goer or not), loved and followed him because he didn’t preach, he loved. He took some kids in for the night who fought with their parents, he just gave everyone he met 110% (something that is hard to find in a church nowadays). Father, you blessed my life and infused it with a priceless wisdom I’ll never forget. I’m proud to say you were—and still are—my friend. I love you and can’t wait until we meet again. Thank you for being you.


Michael and Sabina Haydu, and their children Farid, David, Michaella, and Mila posted on 4/26/19

Someone we love is gone, he has gone to a better place, to a place in heaven, but he lives on in our love and memory of him.


Jane Chudoba posted on 4/25/19

My father, Jack Carvil, was a devout Catholic and member of Ascension. My mother, Anne Carvil, was a devout Methodist and attended her own church every Sunday. When Jack died, Father Jim called Anne's minister and involved him in the service at Ascension. Father Parke was all about inclusiveness. He got our family through my brother's untimely death and when my Methodist mother died in Richmond years later, Father Parke surprised us at her funeral. He was a wonderful gift from God.


Katherine Vastano posted on 4/25/19

Father Parke was a wonderful man and a wonderful priest. He always wanted to make people happy. He played a very important part in my life. He was treated very shabby by the higher-ups in Richmond, but he never lost faith. He will be greatly missed by those of us who loved him.


Steve Traylor posted on 4/25/19

Fr. Jim was a remarkable human being. He had the midaa touch to make you feel worthy no matter how bad you felt about your sins. He was personally responsible for my father's conversion when struck with his mortality. Fr. Jim will always hold a special place in the heart's of my family. GODSPEED and welcome to paradise Fr. Jim. You served your creator and your community with distinction.


Janet Andrews Williams & Pam posted on 4/25/19

Father Jim was certainly one of a kind. If I ever needed to talk, I could always count on you! My thoughts and prayers are with you and those you leave behind!


Don & Mary Stevens, Sun Lakes, AZ posted on 4/25/19

Father Jim was a beloved priest to us and to so many.  He was a wonderful man who made such an impact on us.  He has left us for his heavenly home, but the impact he made on Don and me will live in our hearts forever.  He was, by far, the most caring priest we have ever had the blessing to encounter.


Aislyn Hughes posted on 4/25/19

I'll never forget Father Parke leading the way at my grandmother's funeral or him coming to bless her home after passing. He was a brave and loving spirit with a boldness that no one could forget. You will be greatly missed, Father Parke. Thanks for always being there, even when it was hard. All my love.



Jackie Sinchongco posted on 4/25/19

Remembering how 'special" you are to our family.. Your story is great...


Mary Anne Thompson posted on 4/25/19

Father Jim was my hero!! A true Christian in every sense of the word! His homilies always uplifted me and made me stronger and proud to be a member of the Ascension church. You will be missed so much but never forgotten. Look down on all of us from heaven and guide us, lead us to be more like you! We love you Father Jim but in our faith we know you now have your eternal reward with our Lord!



Tiffany Chondell Patterson posted on 4/25/19

He rose on Easter what a blessing for all the angels


Jacqueline Blake posted on 4/25/19

You so loved the lord. I met you years ago and was struck by your kindness giving heart and your ability to remember peoples names. Welcome to the light of Gods face. ❤️


Ellen Burns posted on 4/25/19

The very first time I met Father Parke, was after Mary Russo's passing. I remember her saying to me, the last time I saw her, that God will send someone good to take her place. She obviously knew who she had in mind. Father Parke talked freely about Mary and her huge shoes to fill, he wasn't sure if he could do so. Within months, and the guidance of the OVR office staff, Melissa and Mary, a team was born and moved forward. Father Parke was a leader in his own way and always had a smile and a moment to listen. He will be missed by many and can now be with his Lord.



Pat P posted on 4/25/19

I loved Father Parke he helped me through a very rough time and I will never forget him. He will be greatly missed.


Melissa Zibutis Byrne posted on 4/25/19

The past five years have taught me a lot about humility. Fr. Parke was firm in his beliefs, generous with his time and always looked out for the underdog. I watched him time after time give his last dollar to someone in need. Whether he was counseling a fellow employee after a death, bringing fresh underwear and socks to the jail, driving a dear friend to doctors’ appointments, or trekking states away to perform a wedding for a former parishioner - Fr. Parke showed up. Fr. Parke and I did not always see eye to eye, but we both had great love and respect for one another. When he visited Cape Cod a few years ago, he insisted on having breakfast with my Mum. Though he had never met her, he said he needed to meet the woman who raised me. And anyone that knows JP, knows that he always does so over a meal. For the time following his visit to Cape Cod, he always asked how my Mum was. Not having family in the area, it was nice to have someone bring up my family on a regular basis. This past year, when I lost both my brother and father-in-law suddenly – Father Parke showed up. He donated money, he sent cards, he made phone calls. Whether I was asking him to attend an EMS event, go to a Disaster Recovery Briefing at 7am, or fill in as a tutor-mentor (because we need more males!), Fr. Parke showed up. He cared deeply about his family and church family. He knew each VRM and strived to learn all he could about each of them individually. And though there were days where he drove me absolutely nuts – I realize now – it was rooted in goodness. I will miss our God-talk. I will miss him plopping down in the chair distracting me from my work. I will miss someone asking me every day how my husband and mother and brother and dogs are. Fr. Parke took the time to get to know me… to get to know us. We talk a lot about Diversity and Inclusion in government. You take a 50+ year Catholic Priest and throw him into government and you are surely going to have some assimilation speed bumps. Sure, he prayed at our formal meetings and he asked VERY personal questions of people in public settings… and who can forget that Ash Wednesday when he offered everyone (including our Jewish colleagues) a charcoal cross on their forehead. On the surface this all may seem inappropriate and clearly crossing the boundaries of “Church and State” but that was Jim. That was “Padre” – he didn’t care where he was – each engagement is an opportunity to show up… to be inclusive… to celebrate what makes him different. To celebrate what makes you different. To better understand. To include. Fr. Parke, I’m so happy Mary Russo introduced me to her, “Priest Friend.” And that I put your name on that piece of paper for Ruth. You were the epitome of a Christian in Action. It is an honor to support the memorial fund for your family – as you so generously did for mine in our time of need.


Jeff and Carol Clemons posted on 4/25/19

Dear Father, There will never be anyone quite like you,God has truley made you an angel for all of us.


Chaz O’Connor posted on 4/25/19

Father Jim was a great friend who filled my heart with hope and laughter. We knew each other for over 23 years, when I first started going to Ascension at the age of 12. His loud, joyful personality and caring spirit reflected God, and made me want to stick around. Out of everyone I’ve ever met it was Father Jim who made church a warm, bright place. I love you and will remember “you are still in our midst because heaven is already around us; here; now.”


Kim Greene posted on 4/25/19

Our house burnt down on a Sunday in November of 1999. We had just met Father Jim that morning after church. Our 3 sons and Padre hit it off. That afternoon our house caught fire. Early evening Fr. Jim was knocking on neighbors doors looking for us. He wanted to make sure we were ok and had a place to stay. From then on, if the boys needed a job, they worked for the church. We would have dinner with him at least twice a week. Whether it was our house, his house, or a restaurant. He loved to hear the antics of the Greene boys.


Hope McCrickard posted on 4/25/19

Father Parke you will be so sorely missed. I want to thank you for being there for me from the minute I walked into Ascension confused and wondering where I spiritually belonged to the night of Easter vigil this year when getting ready for Mass I just wanted to wish you a happy Easter. Thank you for all the prayers for my daughter. Whenever I thought of who ‘God would listen to’ when I was in need, you were always the first to come to mind. Enjoy all the great hymns in heaven, I pray I will see you there!


Connor Siebels posted on 4/25/19

Incredible person he will be missed but instilled great values to me. Father Parke will never be forgotten as his spirit will live on in everyone he ever touched!


Don Babcock posted on 4/25/19

A swift trip home Father Parke. You have done more for us than words can ever say. You deserve all good things.


Jessica Berry posted on 4/25/19

I remember growing up and when I was sad Father Jim would always put a smile on my face and make my life a little more brighter. He has been with my wife and I since the beginning. I will truly miss him.


Debbie Miller posted on 4/25/19

Father Jim, you will always remain in the hearts of me and my children, most especially my sons Ben and Nik. You have always been a blessing. Rest in Heaven. ❤️❤️❤️ Debbie Reynolds Miller



Keith Willyard, Chaplain posted on 4/25/19

Remembering you at Ascension CC and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Va. Beach. You loved, when there was little to love - a true, loving and loyal friend to all. You always brought a bit of sunshine wherever you went. You are and will be missed!


Pamela and David Hence posted on 4/25/19

We know you are at peace but you will also be missed dearly. I can see that smile you always had. You were a great Father and grandfather always showing love to everyone. You will be missed.


Cheryl Cannon Hummer posted on 4/25/19

Father Jim, you always made time to care and to listen. By your example you led many, many souls to Christ. Thank you. Please say hello to my family and friends in Heaven.


Cheryl Cannon Hummer posted on 4/25/19

FatherJim, you always had time to care and to listen. By your example you led many, many souls to Christ. Say hello to my family and friends in Heaven.


Kelly Waters posted on 4/25/19

Father Parke, God truly blessed our path with you. Thankful for marrying Danny and I, being there for our children's baptism and mentoring our family. You were always so kind and a joy to be around. Your words of encouragement, support and amazing humor will always be remembered. Rest in peace.


Gretta Eubanks Barnes posted on 4/25/19

My condolences to family and his many friends. He was a kind man and a wonderful priest. His Holy Spirit charged energy and enthusiasm was infectious, and shed the light and love of God far and wide. His impish smile, laughter and selfless goodness leaves a great legacy in the Diocese of Richmond. One of the good guys, he will be greatly missed. Grant him eternal light, laughter , joy and peace.


Dr. Matthew Brokaw posted on 4/25/19

Over twenty years ago Fr. Parke returned to OLPH in Salem and married us. My wife was the third sister in her family he officiated. Fr. Parke’s Chicken Divine is still a family favorite in our family to this day! His love of life & the people unit was truly amazing!


ed burkett posted on 4/25/19

Fr Parke came to our parish Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Salem Va and immediately turned our parish from one almost dying to a vibrant one who looked to do out reach in our community. He also helped to make us financially sound. I was honored to not just know him but to serve on parish counsel with him. He had an amazing talent to not only minister to people but to remember everyone he met even if it was only for once for a brief time. One of my best stories about Fr. Parke was when he saw me one Sunday before mass and said he had not seen me the previous week. A little timidly, I said that I was tired and just didn't feel up to coming to church. I waited to hear why I should have still come. But Fr. Parke said well everyone needed an occasional day off. He was a minister, a friend, and someone I totally felt like I could say anything to.


Karen Jennings posted on 4/25/19

Rest In Peace, Dear Padre. You were always the example of Christ in everything.


Frances posted on 4/25/19

Father Jim, I will miss you very much. I loved going to mass at Ascension. You will live in my heart forever. Rest in peace Father.


Victoria Flynn posted on 4/25/19

Fr. Jim was a true disciple in his priesthood, his humor and joy were contagious. Rest In Peace Fr. Jim


John Cadell - Virginia Beach posted on 4/25/19

Padre... there are legends and there are legends. You are a truly inspirational and one-of-a-kind Priest who has been key to countless people over decades of faithful service to The Church. Having been one of those countless people to know you, love you, and always do our best for you, as you would want us to, without any fanfare whatsoever - truly, God took extra time and care in His Creation of you. Thank you Lord for Fr. Jim - may he always be that radiant light we’ve been privileged to know and love for these many years. There are so many people already in Heaven and waiting to see you, I wonder when you’ll ever get some much needed rest... there is joy in that thought for when our day comes to stand before God and be welcomed into His Arms. There is zero doubt in my retired military mind that you’ll be there in the celestial receiving line to welcome each and every one of us to our Eternal Home. Solo con Dios!! Vivat Jesus! From all of your Brother Sir Knights.


John Knox posted on 4/25/19

Father Parke was a kind soul to us all, always a listening ear and a gentle heart, spiritual director for several years and Master of Ceremonies for youth group masses with him where he gave great homilies with love and compassion. With his strong hugs and warm smile, he will be missed. :) <3


Erin Callihan posted on 4/25/19

Father Parke, you were an inspiration to us all. I am thankful to have been one of your parishioners at Ascension all those years ago. Say hi to my mom and dad for me.


Beth Schweitzer posted on 4/25/19

This world will not be the same without Father Jim. I am so glad that I was blessed to know such a kind person who was truly there and present for everyone around him. He wad a blessing to our family and will be deeply missed. I know so many feel a deep loss with his passing. I hope we can all continue his legacy of giving to others and providing support and empathy to those around us


Alan Ellinwood posted on 4/25/19

We lost a great priest and friend. He was such an inspiration to us all. I believe he did what Jesus would have done even though he got into some issues with the church. In my mind he did what was in his heart and was the best priest I have ever known. God bless him and his family.



Suzann Welker posted on 4/25/19

You example of how to be a Christian. Not by what you preached but by how you lived your life



Mary Woodley posted on 4/24/19



Julia Brogdon posted on 4/24/19

You were such an integral part of our life as our pastor. When I was dealing with past abuse you were always there for me. You presided at my son Ben's Eagle scout ceremony and my youngest son Philip's first Communion and first Sacrament of Reconciliation. I hope that you will meet with my husband Dan who passed away this past October. I know you are in heaven. You ran the race well. I will miss writing to you.


Suzanne Bass posted on 4/24/19

Thank you for always seeing such joy in life! You're warm hugs, inviting spirit, and kind and uplifting words were the true spirit of being a Christian. Your sermons made me want to attend mass because I was left feeling elevated and loved. I hope you now feel the love of everyone you touched lifting you to be with your heavenly Father. He gained quite an angel!


Mary Ann & Mike Bromley posted on 4/24/19

Will miss you very much dear friend......thank you for all you did for our family.....please say hello to Colleen for us......