Condolences for Holly Elizabeth Edwards

Christy Stevenson posted on 4/30/19

Holly and I grew up together. We shared a ton of memories and have been through a lot together. Life moved me away from Virginia Beach at a time when I feel she might have needed me and that always made me sad. I know she dealt with a lot over the past few years and I wish with all my heart that I could have been there for her more. Taylor and Peyton, I will always be your Titi. I would love nothing more than to be a part of your lives when we get back there. I hope your mom has found peace. I will love her always and cherish the memories of our childhood.


Steve Montgomery posted on 4/29/19

Peyton & Taylor, we all have tough paths in life, happiness, sadness, joy and anger. No one can know the path you've walked, however there is no doubt that your Mother loved you with all her heart. Just as others are unable to know the steps you have taken in your lives, we all know that in all of our hearts, including yours, our focus should stay fixed on the good memories, the good times and not the sadness that Holly's passing brings. You two are loved by many more people than you may imagine. God Bless You. -Steve