Condolences for Helena Beth Stiglets

Ant Jan posted on 6/28/19

I remember when Helena was waiting tables in Port Norfolk. Granny, Nana, Ivy and I would stop by for lunch so Helena could visit with Ivy. Ivy is Helena's daughter born March 4, 1999.


Barbara bobenhausen posted on 6/4/19

My prayers for the family..


Tabitha posted on 6/3/19

My condolences to the family, so very sorry for everyones loss



DAWN posted on 6/3/19

RIP babygirl,continue to shine up there in the clouds while making your way up to the heavens above, i would also like to express my sympathy to your wife and family,,


Kathy Wong posted on 6/3/19

Dear Mike and Dawn, The news of the loss of your beloved sister saddened us. May God give you strength during this difficult time. Praying for you. We love you! Kathy, Kai, Keith, and Kara Wong


Kierra Battley posted on 6/2/19

Words cannot express how deeply saddened at the passing of my dear friend. She was a beautiful, loving person, and so full of joy. My deepest condolences to all who are going to feel her absence. Rest Well My Sweet Friend


Dee Michaelangelo posted on 6/2/19

My deepest sympathy for family and friends. I will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers. Rest and soar with the Angel's Helena



Dee (Sparky) Madore posted on 6/2/19

Helena was such a sweet girl. She had an awesome personality! I’ve never seen her put down anybody.


Tonia posted on 6/2/19

I remember seeing her in WaWa always working hard. I send my condolences to her family.


Cathy Cuffee posted on 6/1/19

I am so sorry and disturbed by your lost. I pray that God will give family friends and loved ones comfort and peace. I will miss seeing Helena, when I stop in Wawa late nights to get something to eat after work. She had a super friendly, and genuine personality. God bless her soul.


Kathy Stewart posted on 6/1/19

Prayers for her family at this stressful time.



Susan Scanlon Dedman posted on 6/1/19

Sorry for your loss Kathi.


Joni Wilson posted on 6/1/19

All my love and prayers for your beautiful family, children, and friends. Suzanne, I love you and will continue to pray for your strength and peace of mind, for the days, weeks and years to come. I am and will always be here for you if you need me. May her memory and love for all remain, until the end of time.


Wendy Daley posted on 6/1/19

I will always remember her picking on me in a good way. She will always be in my thoughts. To her family I'm sorry and I will be thinking about you all.


Charlene williams posted on 6/1/19

Prayers for her family especially her children


Charlene williams posted on 6/1/19

Words cannot Express My prayer is that GOD will comfort her family and especially her children


Dede Grant posted on 6/1/19

My sincere condolences to Suzanne and the family. Praying you find peace and comfort.



Troy Godfrey posted on 6/1/19

You were a ray of sunshine and will be missed dearly. Condolences to your friends, family and loved ones in this difficult time. Blessed be.