Condolences for Brian Michel Love

Chenoa Smith posted on 7/30/19

Rest In Peace Senior Chief Love @-{


Jennie Trady posted on 6/22/19

I keep checking Facebook and hoping the news isn’t true. I can’t believe you are gone. Heaven has gained another angel. ⚓️ I remember when your orders popped and being assigned as your sponsor onboard GW. We instantly shared a connection as you were coming from NSW, a community near and dear to both of our hearts. After your ORDMOD to finish your ST-2 deployment I patiently waited for your arrival. Even before I met you in person you had me laughing. Your personality instantly infectious. I remember telling you you’d have to get black boots and your disdain for having to give up your Rockys for shipboard life. You embraced the challenge and hit the deckplates running. Through it all we shared so many great talks and walks. My cleaning stations partner in crime. I loved hearing your Jeep stories, food porn experiences and sharing stories about what mattered most-family. Although I only knew for a short time, I knew that your wife was your best friend and that your son was what mattered more than anything in the world. I still can’t believe you’re gone. A great Chief and a great friend. My last text message a few months back had these words, “find the silver lining” followed by a rainbow ☀️ I had no idea that would be our last conversation. I’m so sad that you’re gone. I can only be grateful you didn’t suffer long. I pray for your wife and son. So many great memories and laughs. Whenever I look to the sky I know you’ll be there watching down on all of us. I’ll look for the rainbow and the silver lining. Rest easy Brother. ⚓️


Brieale Scott posted on 6/19/19

I’m so sorry. I really feel for you all. He was one of the very few in the Chiefs Mess with such an understanding and non-judgmental personality. He will be missed.


Anita Monroe posted on 6/19/19

I am so sorry for your family's loss. Praying peace for his family and friends. Thank you for your service.



Elke posted on 6/19/19

didn't know him but somehow that obituary popped up...I am do sorry that an apparently dedicated, good man, with everything going for himself, passed this young. I do not know if he was ill or if a personal tragedy took him way to soon,my sincerest heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones


Scott Haynes posted on 6/19/19

R.I.P Shipmate. Fair winds and following seas.


Tim and Amy posted on 6/19/19

Brian is my Brother, he is my friend, he was the first guy I had met when we bought our Jeep who helped me understand what a Build should consist of. We became true brothers over the years, and was the guy I knew I could always count on, no matter what. A piece of our future has been stolen from us. Brian will forever be remembered. To Andrea and Colby, Brian and I had each spoke of this day, we each promised that if something ever happened, to make sure our loved ones would be looked after, for Brian I promise to fulfill his wishes as he would have for me. He will always be my Brother, he will always be my friend.


Stephanie Walker posted on 6/18/19

Brian was always the first to crack a joke and make you laugh. He had such a positive aura and a wonderful spirit that will be so missed. I will always cherish the fond memories that myself, Andrea, Brian and several other friends shared together. All my love to Andrea, Colby, the Sears family and every life that was touched by Brian’s short time here on earth. Rest easy, Chief. You are so sorely missed.


Katie Kunkel & Anthony Stamerro posted on 6/18/19

We have so many fond memories of Brian, too many to recall... he was soft spoken but oh so ornery and quick to throw a "that's what she said" into any conversation following with a giggle I can still hear in my head. He was so skilled when it came to working on his and Andrea's Jeeps and loved thinking about what he wanted to do next on his build or Andrea's build. He loved being in his Jeep and off-roading, we have many fond memories of trips we took to places like Rausch Creek and Uwharrie. Such a pure soul, gone way too soon. Our sincerest condolensces to Andrea, Colby, the Sears, and Brian's family. This loss hits home HARD and we are surrounding you all in love and prayers.