Condolences for Joyce Gunter Wickline

Matthew Martin Bailey posted on 8/17/19

Joyce, we love you and Gene. Thank you for all the good times and memories of Hawaii and Virginia Beach. Thank you for taking care of me as a child and all the love you showed me and Billie and Amy. We could not have asked for more kindness and love than what you showed my Mother and Father. Seems to me that Dad and Mom thought you were there daughter especially on vacations to Maggee Valley and Myrtle Beach. I will never forget you, your sense of humor, kindness and the love for your family. Truly if someone deserves to enter the holy kingdom of heaven it should be you. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the Holy Kingdom of Heaven when our Father and his son the Lord Jesus Christ calls me Home. God Bless us All during our time of mourning. I love you!


Mark Wickline posted on 8/16/19

Mom, I love you! There is an old story it is about the monks and wax. These Buddhist monks gathered around in a circle took a large flat board and took candles and began making an amazing mural. They took over a year to build this amazing picture hundreds and hundreds of hours to make this beautiful picture the picture would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars if it was sold. At the end of the year the monks all gathered around the picture and studied it for a few hours looking at all the details and the beauty. They then all picked up the mural and took it outside in the sun. They all sat around and watched the mural melt away. What they lost was the material object but what they hold onto is the experience of making it and the beautiful memory in their minds So when somebody close to us dies we will always have the wonderful experiences and the beautiful memories in our mind, nothing in our life lasts forever but the thoughts will be with us for the rest of our lives. Kyosah Wickline 16199/PA-01126/0895