Condolences for Timothy C. Minor

Steve Easley posted on 12/9/20

Served with Tim aboard USS California. He was a great shipmate.


Ariel Carpenter posted on 9/30/19

Hi Claire, Sara and Lauren, it’s Ariel from Spain. When Sadie told me what happened, my heart broke. I remember Tim (or Big Daddy Rabbit as my dad reminded me- where did he get that nickname?) as a tall, funny, welcoming guy. There are nothing but great memories attached to your family. To Lauren and Sara, the loss of a parent is so strange and seemingly incomplete. But a beautiful thing about life is when it’s a parent you loved deeply, you will find your Dad in everything- your kids, your laugh, your mom, a song, etc. sometimes it’ll break your heart, but other days (more and more), it’ll reaffirm how wonderful and loving your time with him really was.


Margaret and John Jamerson and Elizabeth Jamerson Harms posted on 9/15/19

Claire, words don't begin to describe our sorrow with Tim's sudden passing. Tim was a true friend who would do anything to help you out if needed. He wouldn't hesitate to call you out if you were wrong, but be the first to defend you if you were right. It was a real honor to know him and to be called a friend by him. He will be missed.


MINOR,ROBERT,LEE,JR. posted on 9/14/19

It is times like this that you realize how fast life goes by. My cousin and I shared our childhood and youth almost always together, our early adulthood was about the time that time, jobs, distances and family obligations separated us.Timmy and I burned the roads of old country Prince George and Fort Lee looking for discarded drink bottles to line our pockets with a little change, we hunted or grandfather's land and fished with our dads, built a fort in the back field that we used to camp out a many of weekends, played football together, hung out at the old teen club and doubled dated and graduated together along with my future wife. He even let us use his apartment in Norfork for our honeymoon while he was away. He was a great pal, the brother I didn't have, I wish we could have stayed in touch more but such is life. We didn't really know Tim the adult., in our minds, he will always be young and our" Timmy" and much loved. our prayers are with him and his family. Till we meet again our love Lee and Rita Minor


hank molinengo posted on 9/14/19

Tim was the consummate patriot, husband, friend, father, Sailor, brother, and everything else. We will miss him.


Drew Damico posted on 9/14/19

RIP Shipmate! Tim was my CMC on the KEARSARGE back in the 90's. Great Mentor who cared about his Sailors.



Anne Goeman Jones and Family posted on 9/13/19

Many thoughts and Prayers for the Minor family


Gary G. Lawson, OSCS, USN Ret. posted on 9/12/19

I was lucky enough to serve with Tim twice in the Navy, first on USS COONTZ (DDG 40), both young OS's, then we were both at FSSC Northwest, Chesapeake, Tim was frocked to Master Chief the same day I was frocked to Senior Chief. Tim was a "Sailor's Sailor", highly respected and loved by all. I also considered him a good friend. Claire, my wife Debbie and I are keeping you and the family in our prayers. Always remember the good times and good thoughts of Tim. RIP Shipmate and Friend...Fair Winds and Following Seas, we now have the watch!


A. Spencer posted on 9/12/19

I served with M.C. Tim during the early 90's. While some found him a little gruff, he always made me laugh and gave sound advice and mentorship. RIP Master Chief!


Ervin Williams posted on 9/12/19

I served with Master Chief Minor on USS KEARSARGE LHD-3. He was an amazing Man and Sailor. God rest his soul. Lt. USN Retired



Buddy & Jeanette posted on 9/10/19

Dear Rick and Karen Brothers are special and he must have been a great one! Many memories! Loved what you said about him and family. Love to you! . Buddy & Jeanette


Gary Dillingham posted on 9/10/19

I served on the USS San Diego AFS6 he was my first command Master Chief. I learned a lot from this man. He was very good man and a friend that me as a young sailor could count on for solid advice when I needed it. May he Rest In Peace. My condolences to his family.


Janice Lovern posted on 9/10/19

We had so many great years in Rota Spain with your family. Tim will never be forgotten. My heart goes out to Claire and the family. God bless you all during this time. Love you my friend.



Allen Roy posted on 9/10/19

I served in the Navy with Master Chief Minor in the late 80's. Learned a lot from him.


Fran Molinengo posted on 9/10/19

Age 13, I think, Hartman’s Pool on Fort Lee, Virginia, was the first time I met Tim and Rick - swimming in the deep end and playing games with others there. And then my first day at school, JEJ Moore, Tim was in my home room class. I loved his smirky smile. We have been good friends ever since.


Chris Beachy posted on 9/10/19

I went through middle - high school with Tim. Very good guy. The thing I’ll remember Tim by is that sneaky grin... he’d slide it in unexpectedly and you just knew he has an insight into the conversation that he wasn’t about to share. :)


OS1(SW) Tony Olcott, USN, Ret. posted on 9/10/19

You were the first CMC and Division Officer that I had in the fleet. The night that I reported aboard SAN DIEGO, you gave me a piece of advice that put me on the road to success. That is what I will remember most about you. R.I.P. Master Chief.


OS1(SW) Tony Olcott, USN, Ret. posted on 9/10/19

You were my first CMC and Division Officer in the fleet when I reported aboard USS SAN DIEGO in Jan. 1990 as a young 19 year old Sailor. The ship was in Naples, Italy and that night and me and the guys I was out with ran into you at the Seaman's Club. That night you gave me a piece of advice that would send me down the road of success not only on SAN DIEGO but thru out my career. This is what I will remember most about you. THANK YOU Master Chief for the advice. You will be missed. May you R.I.P. And don't worry, I will shave!


Jami Jones posted on 9/9/19

So very sorry for your loss Claire. Casey and I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times and he seemed like a great man. We loved seeing you two enjoy your time together at the river on Facebook❤️ So many great memories you share. We will be praying for you and your family during this difficult time hugs to you!!!!


Greg Hebler posted on 9/9/19

So sorry for your loss, many memories starting in the seventh grade .


Elizabeth M. Pease posted on 9/9/19

My heart is broken. He was so very generous to Mark and myself. We love you all so much.


Donna & Jim Walters posted on 9/9/19

So very sorry for your loss. I never knew him but he seems like a remarkable person.


Paul Croteau posted on 9/9/19

Rest in Peace, Master Chief. We have the watch.


hank molinengo posted on 9/9/19

Claire, our prayers are with you and your family. The Master Chief was a great man, shipmate, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend. We are so sorry to learn of his passing.