Condolences for Kathleen Y. Charlet

Kiersten Charlet posted on 11/4/19

I love you Kathleen. It’s so hard to believe you are not physically here with us anymore but I know you are here in spirit. I can’t wait for the day I see you again. I love you baby sister. I know you are watching over us all.


Leyaire Blunt posted on 10/31/19

Kathleen Charlet it honestly sux to hear all this!. I'm overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions right now and can't seem to grasp the idea that you, my friend, a girl who help made me feel cool at work years ago is now gone I'll never forget how kind you were to me and how much you made me feel accepted, regardless of how goofy and silly I got! I'll never forget the awesome feeling I got when you agreed to make a, " How to eat a Twix video" on youtube with my new phone. It didn't go viral like we both expected but because you help make me feel accepted, I tend to revisit that same video from time to time. My biggest regret now is never telling you how thankful I was for all that. I would tell you that you played a part in making me be more outgoing and accepting of myself. That I was cool regardless of what people think of me or how I thought of myself. I personally still struggle from time to time when it comes to self confidence and being my true self but because of how you treated me in the past it helped made me grow. I miss all the como fam and want to wish them all the best but most of all I want to wish the family that you started the best in life and wish to send my condolences to the rest of your family. You will be sorely missed, old friend. Thanks for everything girl! You truly helped young "Leyaire Blunt" get through some of life's personal hurdles. God bless you Kathleen Charlet


Shelby Figueroa posted on 10/31/19

Kat was the most beautiful friend inside and out. My heart and thoughts are with her family during this most difficult time. She will be deeply missed by many.


Sara Harris posted on 10/30/19

I can't believe you are gone. You were one of those amazing Angels we very rarely meet in life. I loved bagging with you when I worked at the oceana commissary. You made me laugh, you were a great worker and you were also my friend. I wished we could have talked more, bit as they say, you will always be here in our hearts and your loved ones heart. Rest in heaven sweet beautiful woman that you are. I'll miss you Kathleen.


Shantae Bradley posted on 10/30/19

I knew you briefly when you worked at the Oceana Commissary as a bagger. You were always a sweet, kind young lady. May God bless your peaceful journey back to the father, and may his words comfort those left mourning.