Condolences for Michael Lavern Turpin

Rika posted on 12/14/19

I go days thinking of you. Thinking of how when I visited you and you'd be sleeping and I didn't want to wake you. How I had so much to talk to you about and how I felt because nobody understood me like you did. I think about how now it's to late to wake you. I wonder where you are in this world because you haven't visited me yet. I think about how if you would have just come back home things could have been different. I wanted to spend my birthday with you but things don't always go as plan. At least I got to spend time with you for your birthday The bear I got you just sit in my car so at least I have that with me. I'm sorry this happened to you and I'm sorry we couldn't communicate the way we wanted before you left. I love you so much daddy. Rest well


Breana Perkins posted on 12/6/19

My condolences to the family


Chantel Sterns posted on 12/6/19

My husband and father of my kids i love and miss you rest in heaven.



Marika Goode posted on 12/4/19

Still struggling with losing you but I know you are in a better place. My brother forever and always, love you!! Rest easy. “Yeah”


Ciara Holley posted on 12/4/19

My heart breaks for your family! Love you no more pain! Thank you for the laughs and always being truthful. My heart is aching for your children and you mother! That’s all I got I’m so filled with tears!


Emma Sanders posted on 12/2/19

My sincere condolences to you and your family!


Ali Harper posted on 12/2/19

Simply my Homeboy,,,,,,,,,Condolence to Family and Friends


Rachel (Turpin) Everett posted on 12/2/19

My 1rst love n husband, father of my kids u will be truly missed Boogie u will always have a place in my heart


Nink-Nink posted on 12/2/19

Crying as I type this. I’m going to miss you daddy


Lasandra Sue Williams posted on 12/2/19

On behalf of our family, I extend our sincere condolences to all of his loved ones. He will be missed.



Angelo Turpin posted on 12/2/19

Love you Rap! Rest easy Bro!



Delores Mitchell posted on 12/2/19

My sincere condolences to the family



Dianewaller posted on 12/2/19

We the Holt family send our deepest condolences to the family of Michael Turpin! May he rest with the angels now


Jemika (little sis) posted on 12/1/19

Farewell my big brother you will forever be in my heart I love you and I’m thankful to have had you as my brother I know you are in a better place up there in heaven with pops



Shandra and Kenneth Bryant posted on 12/1/19

Lord may my cuzin Rest in peace no we words can Ecpress how we feel love u sorry I couldn't attend !medical reasons but u are in my heart I think of u everday cuz! Will see u again someday love u Boogie ACB.