Condolences for Kara Klinger

MICHAEL PORTER posted on 12/17/19

Kara and I were two peas in a pod in our youth, incl. high school and early college years. She was a wonderful person and didn't deserve to depart so untimely. I hope she's at peace with her frogs, gerbils, cats, dogs, birds, etc. The natural world lost an individual that showed it such kindness and compassion. I'll remember all the great experiences we had together. Mortality hits hard.


Gil Bantay posted on 12/16/19

Kara: Foremost, I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming amount of sentiments and loving support I’ve received for Kara in the past few days. I find comfort knowing Kara was loved and lucky to be amongst a supportive community of family and dear friends. Where can I begin? There are so many fond memories of Kara. I met Kara in college in Sept of 2000 when I apparently took her seat in a lab class. I moved over one spot, sat next to her, and she quickly delegated me as a lab materials “gopher” for the entire semester. As the semester continued, we shared so many stories, often humorous and corky and our friendship eventually grew stronger, and we eventually found ourselves spending a lot of time together. I was captivated by her sense of humor, gentleness, and warmth that she exuded. She was somewhat shy, but did not hesitate to quickly spew a clever sarcastic remark on the spot with perfect timing. She always kept me in check! She had an adventurous spirit, where skydiving, kayaking, and obstacle courses were involved. She was an avid CrossFitter who encouraged, pushed, and rooted for everyone. She believed everyone could be the best they can be. She often gravitated towards newer members who felt somewhat insecure. She wanted everyone to feel comfortable and confident. She was often found dancing, antagonizing me with incessant tickles, punches, pinched, playfully giving others a hard time, and simply giving her best effort. Then, she would work on other movements after class! CrossFit at 4:30 was our time, out therapy, and our playground to be together. It’s going to be tough not to see her beside me during that 1630 class. She was creative and imaginative in her arts and crafts. She often gave away countless handcrafted scarves and gifts, in which she spent hours to create. She made the best baked treats; and again, she often gave them to others to enjoy. She was selfless and generous to a fault. She always thought of others before herself and she would often express how guilty she would be, when she bought something for herself. She had a strong affinity for animals and nature. During a trip to NYC, I found she had more fun feeding squirrels with peanuts in the middle of Central Park than anything New York had to offer! Although she was allergic to animals, she loved them so much to have them as pets throughout her life. She even fed her “backyard” wildlife pets everyday with seed and peanuts. She believed that all living things had a purpose in life. Kara was a beautiful tender soul. She was kind, smart, loving, and compassionate. I miss her terribly.  She was my confidant, my love, my best friend, and I am lucky to have been part of her life. She lifted me in times when I was down, she always reminded me to be positive, always interjected a joke with a silly facial expression and definitely kept me in check. I will cherish the countless memories I have with Kara and I will miss her wholeheartedly. Until we meet again, I love you Kara.


Bambos Charalambous posted on 12/13/19

Kara, You left us so suddenly from this life I did not have time to say goodbye, to give you one more hug, bring you more rocks from Cyprus, or to greed you with a head nod that only you could make. Thank you for being a part of my life all these years. I may have never told you but you were one of a kind. A ray of light full of kindness and love. Just know you had a lot of people who cared and loved you more than you ever knew. Keep smiling girl and I hope wherever you are your spirit is at peace and eternal. RIP


Julie Casper posted on 12/11/19

Kara was kind, quirky, funny, whole hearted, witty, loving and the truest friend anyone could have. I will miss her forever and her memory will live in my heart forever.


Liz Vambell posted on 12/11/19

I totally got Kara’s quick sense of humor… Just very very funny… One of the kindest people I’ve ever met… I feel comforted knowing that the rainbow bridge tonight has somebody like Kara to oversee all those beautiful beautiful animals have gone before us… Anybody that knew her was blessed… Very talented a great cook just so many things she could do she lived life to the fullest… And her smile will always bring you up… My heart goes out to Dana and Kara‘s family… I know the hole that is left in your heart will not be filled… But please know having her in your life was a true true blessing and let all the memories fill your heart remember all the times… I know how special she was and how special she made others feel… Heavens newest angel… Is top notch… And though she will be missed greatly there is comfort in knowing she is overlooking all of us especially her family, friends and her furbabies. We may never understand why… But the one thing we do now is how blessed we all were for having her in our life or for knowing her… She was a true example of a wonderful and caring human being!! God bless Dana and the rest of her family…!!


Dorissa Pitts-Paige posted on 12/11/19

You either got Kara's sense of humor or didn't...there was no in-between. She always knew how to make every situation light-hearted. Kara and I defected from City of Norfolk Department of Utilities and found our way to HRSD. Kara was such a pleasure to work with for 15 years that I knew her. She will truly be missed.


April Cooke posted on 12/10/19

Please accept my sincerest condolences. I knew Kara through HRSD, she was such an amazing person, so funny and kind to everyone. She will be deeply missed.


Jules Robichaud posted on 12/10/19

Sincere condolences to your family and closest friends. Your 'work family' will remember your sense of humor and kind spirit, and will miss you also.


Heidi LaBlue posted on 12/10/19

I know you were greeted by all the animals you loved who crossed over before you ! My thoughts and prayers go to all yours friends and family. Far too young !



Bonnie Lee Miley posted on 12/10/19

May your light continue to shine bright and surround those left behind.