Condolences for Tommy Dell Harris

Ron Hartshorn posted on 3/7/20

So sorry for your loss, Phyllis. When I worked at WAVY, Tom was our go to guy for on camera talent in commercials. He probably wasn't paid much, and I suspect he did it as a favor for the account execs. The "shoots" with Tom were always fun, especially the time he was casted as a tv car salesman set in 2050. He played him with a Mr. Spock attitude--without the ears: "Just because your 1999 Jeep Wrangler came with a Lifetime Guarantee, you think you can keep it...FOR A LIFETIME?!?". The client would not have approved that spot without Tom pulling off that character.


Sadly Frear-Copeland posted on 2/22/20

Tommy and I grew up very close to each other. Too small to venture far, we played together a lot. Got along well, most of the time. Except for one habit he had which drove me bonkers, and for which I would tackle him to the ground, then sit astride him and try to convince him to not do that! ~~ All the while he was yelling at the top of his voice, “MISSES FRREEEERRRR, MISSES FREEERRR!!!! Mama would appear on our front porch and yell, “SANDRA LOU FREAR!!!~~~WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” ~~~ “Nuttin, Mama, just pounding Tommy.” Ha, He didn’t tell me till MUCH later that he didn’t try to fight me off because he’d been taught to NEVER fight girls. Poor Lad! They didn’t know the type of girls he might meet! We shared our birth dates, except that mine was a year before his~~which he never let me forget. For a lot of our last years he would so honor me with a cryptic poem regarding that fact. Forced me to return one to him about how true it was, and how much wiser I was, et.c. Etc. etc. Just forced me to write one just as evil back to him. I missed my poem this past Dec. 6th. I suspected something was wrong, and it turns out I was right, So now he is singing with the angels. And though there are so many here who miss him terribly, I feel it can’t be too much longer before I can join him and demand my poem! He’ll probably have it all ready for me, then I’ll have to get busy and come up with my reply.. Even though I’ve always felt mine weren’t quite as good as his, I’d never admitted that to him. But I’m sure we’ll meet again anyway. And Phyllis, you and me and my Al will just have us a quartet! In the meantime, you have my love and prayers, always. Sandy


Robin (Lindley) Dicentes posted on 2/19/20

I'm so sorry for your lost Phyllis. Tom was a great guy and I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of working with him for a number of years. He was warm and welcoming and always willing to help. I lovef our many conversations about his wonderful wife, Phyllis, their for babies, as well as his on stage exploits. I was able to enjoy some of those stage performances as well. And Kat was right, he left us his nice soft sweaters when he retired and I enjoyed the warmth and memories they brought long after the fact. I look forward to his celebration of life and seeing you again Phyllis. With love and prayers.


Kristin E. Harris posted on 2/19/20

Phyllis, You have my condolences. For you to have known him for over 40 years is something special. He was lucky to have you.


Kat Tyler Yevak posted on 2/17/20

I am so sorry to hear of Tom’s passing. How fortunate he was to have you with him through it all - it is such a gift. What a special and kind man Tom always was to me - the rookie. He took me under his wing, made me laugh, and lent us all his big cozy cream wool sweater when the office was chilly. It was like wearing a hug. I look forward to his celebration of life and seeing you. Kat


Brister T posted on 2/16/20

Aloha. The world will miss the likes of sweet Tommy Harris. I had the honor of working alongside him for over a decade at WAVY-TV 10 and he was full of laughter that he shared so generously with everyone. So many fond memories of him and our times together flood my heart. My prayers for him and all of his family and friends.


Marilyn Abernathy posted on 2/16/20

I worked on a number of musicals with Tom. He was a wonderful and giving perfomer, with a wicked sense of humor. I will never forget "No, no, Nanette" with him. He exited the stage saying I will meet you are Track 2-5, which was not what he was supposed to say. Some of the theatre people in this area will know what he meant.I loved him for that. He will be missed by many.


Gary Welch posted on 2/16/20

There was never a dull moment doing a show with Tom. He was a delight both on stage and backstage. He was kind, smart, funny and generous to a fault. He and I always had a joke going backstage, and he was extremely easy to work with on stage. I remember once during “Showboat” he was playing a sea captain whose prop was a pipe. He used strike anywhere matches to light it, using the sole of his shoe. He told me lighting the pipe was essential to his role. I knew what I had to do. I waited for him to leave that night and gathered the 50 or so matches he used. I cut the white “strike anywhere” from the head of the matches and replaced them with a drop of white nail polish I found in the women’s dressing room. It took me most of the night. The next night Tom is getting through his lines while trying to light the pipe. There was a pile of about twenty matchsticks in the stage floor. Tom came off stage and I flicked a lighter at him and asked him if he needed a light. He called me a very dirty name, but the smile on his face told me he found it funny. He was a heck of a guy, a good friend, and I will miss him.


Sue Thomas posted on 2/15/20

Phyllis, keeping you in prayer. Sounds like Tom had a full and fascinating life. Great memories to share. I know you will miss him, but he is still with you and close to your heart. Hugs!


Melody S. Harmon posted on 2/15/20

Oh, Phyllis! I am so sorry to hear about Tom. So glad the two of you found each other. Jim and I (and the theatre) are responsible for your 'run' of more than 38 years! Quite a track record! Please know that Matt and I are keeping you in our prayers. God bless you, Phyll! Love, Melody


Ann Walker posted on 2/15/20

Phyllis, I'm so sorry for your loss and am sending healing prayers and comforting hugs. "Those whom we have loved never really leave us. They live on forever in our hearts, and cast their radiant light onto our every shadow." ~Sylvana Rossetti


Cindee Herrle posted on 2/15/20

Phyllis, I just found out about Tom's passing. I am so sorry. So many great memories of our WAVY days. I can't believe it's been almost 20 years since he retired. What a sweet man. I can still remember his face when he would talk about you. So much love. I am thinking about you and praying for your entire family. Love Cindee


Dale Kemper posted on 2/14/20

Tommy was admired by the members of Daniel Webster High School Class of 1953. I’m sure they all join me in expressing their sorrow about his passing and hope that the many wonderful times you had with Tommy will soften the grieve that you are now feeling.


Mark Hudgins posted on 2/13/20

Phyllis, I am heartbroken to hear of Tom’s passing. I haven’t seen either of you in many years, but I have so many beautiful memories of Tom, both on and off stage. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and all of your family.


Tom Lawrenson posted on 2/13/20

Phyllis, I am so sorry about the loss of your best friend and husband. I'll always remember Tommy as The Detective in the Murder Mysteries in the Poconos. He (and you) were a big reason we kept going back, specifically for the mysteries, and were disappointed when they stopped. I also remember playing golf with him while we stayed. And I'll always remember the time we saw you both in VA Beach. My wife is also my best friend, and I can only imagine what you are going through. I hope the memories of all the fun times you shared together can give you some solace, and know that you will one day be with him again...most likely entertaining everyone around you in heaven.


Kay Burcher posted on 2/13/20

I worked with Tom many times on stage and in business. He was even my boss at one point - and a great boss he was. He was also a gentleman and loved to laugh and make others laugh. He will be greatly missed.


Clay Ray West posted on 2/13/20

Tom, I love you Tom Harris. All the shows we did together and how kind you were to me. A funny man too. I miss seeing you at the Basketball games and running into you and Munchkin out and about. A kind and generous man. You have your wings in heaven for sure . My thoughts and prayers go out to Phyllis and your family and friends. Sending Love, Clay Ray


Sheila Jamison-Schwartz posted on 2/13/20

Phyllis, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Relish all your happy years together. Seek comfort with your family and friends. Peace!


Theresa posted on 2/12/20

As the daffodils start to bloom, I am reminded of the hours spent in the front yard with Uncle Tommy, Michael, Rachael & the bubble mower. Michael would chase Tommy around the front yard, and Tommy would run away "in fear". :-) Michael would take a break and a few minutes later, it would start all over again. Of course, Rachael, not being able to walk yet, just sat on the ground watching the crazy boys and the bubble mower with an expression that could only be described as..."What in the world are they doing?" Of course, us big girls just laughed and laughed, holding those memories close for decades. If only cutting the grass was as much fun as it was that day.


Dustina McCauley posted on 2/9/20

I am his 1st grandchild of his 1st born child Susi Wallace McCauley of Sand Springs, Oklahoma. So sorry for your loss Katie and David.


Bonnie Bussjaeger posted on 2/8/20

Phyllis, only God can truly reach the place of your deepest sorrow over the loss of your dear Tom. Lean on Him as you mourn and find comfort in His peace. Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.


Linda Ocampo posted on 2/7/20

Phyllis, I am so sorry to hear of Tom's passing. Sending love and prayers!



Linda Ocampo posted on 2/7/20

My deepest condolences. Tom was a great neighbor and friend.


Theresa posted on 2/7/20

Kind eyes. Gentle smile. There's something about you to miss every day.



Connie Keesling posted on 2/1/20

So sorry for your loss Phyllis and family. I know Tommy will be in your heart and thoughts always.