Condolences for Carolyn Joyce Carter

Kathy Eberhardt Olah posted on 3/10/20

Tyson, Connie, Fred and Valerie: I am so sorry to hear of your wife/mother's passing. I have many fond memories of Joyce/Rockin' Robin from the CB Club/Fox Hunts way back in the 70's. I am offering my deepest condolences to you all.


Monica Pearson posted on 3/7/20

So sorry to hear this. My mother is her cousin Joan. Thinking of you all in this time of sorrow.


Gene and Bonnie Carter posted on 3/6/20

Sorry for loss of wife and mother. GOD bless and strengthen all of the family.


Pat & Buzzy Roache posted on 3/6/20

She will be missed but a lot of great memories.


Tootie posted on 3/6/20

I'm so sorry to hear this. I grew up right down the road in hickory. I was always at Valerie's house or she was at mine or at Debbie's. I remember going over to their house and dancing and I still hear Mrs. Carter's laugh. My heart is broken. You will be so missed. To Mr. Carter, Connie, Valerie and Fred may God give you peace and comfort through this difficult time. Love, Tootie


Diane W. Edwards posted on 3/6/20

While I regret that I never got to know Mrs. Carter, I can certainly say that I benefited from the life she lived through her daughter. I worked with Connie for several years and know Mrs. Carter must still be smiling with the life she created and modeled for her family. Connie is a loving, tireless child advocate and beacon of doing the right thing for all she encounters. For many years, she has served as an instructional assistant for one of our Chesapeake schools in the South Norfolk area. Having had many opportunities to accept other (perhaps more lucrative) positions, I recently expressed surprise that she was still there. She responded that was where she knew the kids needed her and where she could best serve. In such a selfish world, what a joy to still see someone like Joyce's daughter to carry on her legacy. My prayers for your family.


Valerie posted on 3/6/20

My heart is is heavy, I think this is a dream and I will wake up and you will be there. I miss you so much, I’m at a loss, don’t know what to do. When will this really hit me, I’m not sure.. This is unreal, I cant call you mom.. I can’t believe this happened, I love you ..


Barbara Blevins posted on 3/6/20

Joyce was my best and dearest friend of 62 years. I will always cherish the times we had together.



Carl & Kaye McCoy posted on 3/5/20

Joyce, we had some wonderful times eating at P&T. That is where We met you and Tyson. We both loved making cards and that is where I met Valerie and Connie. What wonderful times we had. We will miss you so much. Lots of love to you and your family. ❤️


hauke powers posted on 3/5/20

Carolyn lived this live via her wonderful family. Her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Her love touched every single one in the world she created. One of them, I had the honor to work with, Fred, demonstrated through his own actions how Carolyn's strength, commitment, compassion, and personal resolve will continue to been seen within this great family. Look within yourselves with a loving heart and you will see you mother again...look at one another with compassion and strength and again, you see your mother. Carolyn will never leave you. She is inside of everyone of your hearts and souls. Be of good comfort and be proud of the life Carolyn lived. Pick up where she paused and continue the journey together, united in love as one heart and one soul. God bless everyone..


hauke powers posted on 3/5/20

The way I know Mrs. Carter is through her wonderful strong and compassionate son, Fred. who I had the honor to work with at MHI. Fred was always worried, and rightly so, about his mother's health. Her fight with cancer became a personal slugfest of prayer and emotions for Fred. His love and care of his mother demonstrated how much of Carolyn's spirit and courage is imbuded with Fred's own core. May her spirit continue to watch over her wonder family...Love one another now and always..