Condolences for Robert Loron German

Hannah Cooper posted on 3/29/20

Mr.Bob is a name I will never forget, growing up going to Mrs.Donnas for daycare and all my fond memories I cherish forever. Thankful to the kindness he always showed and help be an influence adult in my young life. Sending so much love and prayers to y’all<3 May he Rest In Peace and become friends with my mom up in heaven:)


Jerry Miller posted on 3/23/20

Donna, I am sorry to hear of Bob's passing. He was one of the best athletes I have ever known. I played basketball with him at PA and no matter how hard I trained, how much I practiced, how disciplined I was, I could never have been as good as Bob was. He humbly told me "it was a gift" at our basketball reunion a few years ago. He showed me much personal kindness and was a friend to me when I needed one. We are very sorry and will pray for you.



Terry Shumate posted on 3/20/20

So sorry for your loss, as he was one of my favorite teachers. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.


Cherese Jenks posted on 3/18/20

Donna and Chrissy, you are loved and supported during this difficult time. I never got the pleasure of knowing Coach, Bullet Bob or Reds, the athlete. He sounds like a guy who would have been a joy to watch on the field in his prime. I've appreciated reading all of the posts about that man. I got the pleasure of knowing Mr. Bob, the man humbled by the limitations of his body who enjoyed a good conversation with anyone who would lend him an ear. We've enjoyed many wonderful conversations while sipping one of his Bahama Mama's. His eyes would light up when we revisited his glory days. We've shared emotional conversations where he expressed a deep love for his family. I will miss our long talks, the twinkle in his eye and his sheepish grin. I will treasure our conversations forever. Thinking of your family a little more right now and loving you always.


Melissa Asaro posted on 3/18/20

Thank you Mr.Bob for loving our Lily and for always having a smile on your face each morning. Lily used to love figuring out if your car was missing in the morning because you were golfing or at the store for Miss Donna. We hope your body has healed in heaven and that you are reunited with Kyle and having the best of times.


Paul Ripley posted on 3/17/20

Bob was one of the good guys. To be followed by him as a footballer player at VT I cheered for him at many games. As I later learned of his health issues, I along with hundreds of former Hokie players from his era knew he was handling those issues with courage. A really good man gone way too soon upon completion of a bucket list which we all hope to do the same with ours. To his family, know that Bob was a good friend to many and a man to strive to be just like by many others. Rest in Peace QB!


Karon and George Grinnan posted on 3/17/20

Linda and I have been friends for 45 years and she was always talking about her baby brother “Bob”and what a wonderful athlete he was! We have been following his life thru her eyes for years...... what a remarkable life and family he had. We are so sorry for your loss. George and I have you in our thoughts and prayers.


Grace (Yoder) Hershberger posted on 3/17/20

I attended Princess Anne High with him and enjoyed seeing him play football. It was a special year for the class of '68 - the only football state championship for that school, Bob was a huge reason for the winnings! May God bless the family as they face the future together


Sheryl Smith posted on 3/17/20

Offering sincere condolences to the German family, especially Donna. Bob left an amazing legacy of uplifting all with whom he came in contact. His father and my mom sang together, and I remember watching him play tennis behind PAHS. He never tired of playing or smiling. Rest In Peace, Bob. Well done.


John Ramey posted on 3/17/20

I had Coach German as my home room teacher and football coach. I respect and liked him very much. God bless


Debra Coy Harvey posted on 3/17/20

Mr. German was my favorite teacher in high school. I always arrived at class late and he let me get away with it. Truly a compassionate man and a wonderful teacher.


Gregg Jensen posted on 3/17/20

Donna and Christine; I am so sorry to hear of Bob's passing. I knew him well, and the one thing that stood out above all was his love for his family. He was a big, yet self-effacing man with an even bigger heart. He will be missed greatly by all who knew him. Gregg Jensen



Ruby Thompson posted on 3/17/20

So sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers for you all . I was one of his students and he was a awesome teacher. He really cared about his students and was always there for them as well. You will be missed rip❤❤


Ruby Thompson posted on 3/17/20

He was such a great and amazing teacher who really cared about his students. He was always there for you no matter what. . I was one of his students c/o 90. So sorry for your loss. Prayers for you all.❤❤


Beth Halstead Rhorer posted on 3/17/20

One of the best teachers at Lake Taylor High School. My love of politics and my vast knowledge comes from his teaching us in a style that made you yearn For more. RIP. Class of '78.


Robyn Kilgore posted on 3/17/20

He will finally see the impact he made on so many lives! While working in Kirkland's a couple years ago, I was checking out merchandise for a very nice lady. Her last name was German. I happened to ask her if she knew Bob German, because he was my history teacher at Lake Taylor back in 1976-1977. She replied that she was his wife. He was a GREAT man and teacher. This world was a better place because of him. God bless Mr. German. Rest In Peace.


Duke Young posted on 3/17/20

Deeply saddened to hear of your passing coach. I always idolized you guys while playing for you at Lake Taylor. Even after when i'd run into you anywhere, you were always concerned with what I was up to and that you were there if needed. You were a great friend, mentor and coach. Rest in peace fellow TITAN !


Bruce Runyan posted on 3/16/20

I was saddened to hear of Bob's passing. We were teammates in football and track at Princess Anne, and football teammate at Va.Tech. He was a natural athlete that most of us had to work hard for some semblance of excellence. I smile looking back when the moniker of Bullet Bob was given him by me and other teammates receiving his soft touch to his passes, but dead on accurate just as he was a treat to watch on the basketball court. My two nieces were taught by him at Lake Taylor and is remembered by them as " Coach" My most sincere condolences to his family, but knowing him as others have stated here, he will be remembered as a fine man, and to me a friend.


Jack Graf posted on 3/16/20

My first memory of Bob German was at Chittum Field at Norview HS when the PA football team marched into the stadium circling the track in front of the Norview side. The real match up in that game were the two quarterbacks; Mike Mansfield at Norview and Bob German at PA. I don’t remember which team won the game, but I do remember the pagentry and local interest. Years later, Bob German came in as an Assistant Coach for us on the LTHS football team. He was just out of VT, and I remember how well he could throw a football. Fond memories. RIP Coach German.


Charles Roush posted on 3/16/20

I am saddened to learn of coach German's passing. My condolences to his family and friends.


Claudia T. Sweeney posted on 3/16/20

I worked with Bob for many years at Lake Taylor while I was a school counselor! Bob and I connected and thorough our conversations I was able to really see how kind and caring he was! The students saw it too thus the memories they still hold close today. Prior to Bob’s leaving LT he opened up about life’s issues and I always held him close wishing for him the love and life he so deserved! I am so grateful to whomever wrote this beautiful tribute letting us all know of his happiness and opportunity to continue giving to youth until the end! Rest easy Bob! We have definitely lost one of the good guys!


Pat Bell posted on 3/16/20

Donna, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Reds was one of the most positive and courageous persons I have ever known. I will always have fond memories of our friendship and the great times we had playing golf over the years.


Roy Beskin posted on 3/16/20

I first saw Bob playing football in high school, when he led Princess Anne to the state championship and then when our Granby team played P.A. in basketball… He was such a great competitor and such a gifted athlete. I then met him again while we were both at Virginia Tech. We became friends and what I admired most was his lack of self awareness of what a great athlete he really was… He was always interested in what you were up to. Later on after graduation we played a lot of tennis together, and let me tell you he became a terrific tennis player, one of the best athlete I have ever been on a tennis court with!! He was a great competitor and a great gentleman on the court and off. I know I speak for a lot of locals who grew up in Tidewater in the 60s and 70s who admired Bob not just as an athlete but as a great person.



Terri Speach posted on 3/16/20

I grew up with Bob living in Birchwood Gardens and attending Thalia Elem thru graduation. A fond father managed Plaza Bowl for years. Had Bob not become the incredible football and basketball player that he was....he could have been a professional bowler to be sure!!! He was always a dear friend and thank God I had the opportunity to reconnect with him and meet his beautiful wife, Donna during our PAHS planning of our 50th reunion. May God Bless and keep you, Robert. Rest now, without pain.



Marsha Spain posted on 3/15/20

Donna, I was so sorry to hear this today. I have fond memories of Bob. especially at our mini reunions . He was a fine man.