Condolences for Carl Andrew Bell Jr.

Kitty L Welch posted on 3/22/20

Peace and Strength be upon You All. God Bless. - Love to you -Kitty


Brenda Curtis posted on 3/21/20

Cindy and Andy. I am sending you peace and strength during this tough time and in the future.


Jayne Hart posted on 3/21/20

For Carl and our family. God of love and mercy, embrace all those whose hearts today overflow with grief, unanswered questions and such a sense of loss. Grant them space to express their tears. Hold them close through the coming days. In Jesus name I pray Love Cousin Jayne Hart



Jazmine Spencer posted on 3/21/20

You will forever be loved and missed.


Kaleb Montgomery posted on 3/20/20

Carl Alexander Bell, Boy, where do i begin?! You came into my life Full-Time May 1st 2019, its been one hell of a ride ever since then. Ive known you way before then but our crazy friendship flew sail from that day forth. My 2 boys always loved your presence “Uncle Carl” I fucking miss your life bubba, all the long talks, you keeping my head afloat, you were my go to. Bubba, i cant explain how scared i am of getting thru life without you. I think im going to have to go visit momma, and get some words of wisdom from her. I love you Carl, and if i have a boy im going to honor our & gage friendship by naming him Carl Joseph, and call him “CJ” Buddy, dont ever leave my side. I love you with allllllll my heart and not a day goes by i dont think of you. Until we meet again bub, keep one cold for me. Love always -Kaleb With love from Blake, Ethan, & Kay kay.


Allan and Nancy Jaynes posted on 3/20/20

Andy, Cindy, So, so sorry for your loss. I remember how proud you were when Carl was born. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers


Hannah Dye posted on 3/20/20

You may of been about a foot taller then me but there was a time where you were shorter then me sir, therefore you'll always be little Carl to me. My condolences to the family, rest easy kiddo ❤


Keith long posted on 3/20/20

So sorry for your loss



Kim LaFollette posted on 3/20/20

My heart breaks for you. I just saw Carl over Christmastime. He asked me if I remembered him. Of course, I always will. Carl always made me smile :) My prayers for your family. Gone too soon!! Ms. L- former HPE teacher AGMS <3



Tory Lashley posted on 3/20/20

I’ve known you as long as I can remember. You were one hell of a person. Fly high Carl you’ll be missed my so many people.



Susan Stane posted on 3/20/20

I have known you since you was a little boy, have a lot of memories of you being silly always smiling with that big ol smile of yours acting like you could take over the world.You have do many friends was very popular. We all are gunna miss you so much Carl.I know you are reunited with your big brother Frankie. Y'all please watch out for your family your mom & dad I couldn't even imagine what they are going through..I love you! Very emotional so sorry i couldn't make it to your funeral. I don't want my last memory of you there...REST HIGH CARL


Marissa posted on 3/20/20

Carl, You were a light in my life that came after a dark time and always helped me see the positive in anything I had going on. I love you man. Forever & always.


Summer Corbett posted on 3/20/20

Carl man you are another legend of Norfolk taken too soon from us, brother. Cindy me and the family are sending you all of our love. ❤️Carl I know you are happy and rejoicing with Your brother, and all of our dear friends who also were taken from this earth. God is lucky to get to party with all of y’all. ❤️ You will never be forgotten!



Olivia posted on 3/20/20

Charles, Liam and I, love and miss you carl your goofy self will never be forgotten


Marcus "FATBOYFRESH" Mattingly posted on 3/20/20

Gone but never forgotten. Love you brotha. You will be missed Legend.


Leilah Miller posted on 3/20/20

Carl, you were always such a fun, outgoing person! I’m grateful we got to know you when we were younger and for the times we spent together. I’m sorry Ms. Cindy and Mr. Andrew for this enormous loss on your family. My prayers go out to all of you during this time ❤️


Toph posted on 3/20/20

R.I.P. We had some good times together man. You’re going to be missed.


tiny posted on 3/20/20

still cant believe it bro smh dont even know what to say but nothing i say can bring you back in paradise


Tammy Rose posted on 3/20/20

My heart breaks for your family. I am so deeply sorry for your loss.


Karrie posted on 3/20/20

You have touched many people’s lives and you will be dearly missed and be forever be in so many people’s hearts and thoughts. Words cannot describe how heartbroken I am. To the family y’all will stay in my prayers and I hope you all make it through this tough time I am so sorry for your loss. I will think of you everyday Carl ❤️


Kaila posted on 3/20/20

Carl we grew up together and I just can’t believe you were at my house not to long ago and we were talking about a bunch of stuff I’m just in shock that was the last time I was gonna see you !! We all love you so much .



Johnathan umphlett posted on 3/20/20

Love and miss you homie!!! Fly high.


Tylique Owens posted on 3/20/20

Carl bro I’m going to miss you rest easy nothing but love from me to you



Alicia Rose posted on 3/20/20

I love you F&A ♥️


Elizabeth Timko posted on 3/20/20

It has been such a blessing to have been apart of Carl's life and I am even more blessed he was apart of my son's life. My condolences are with all of you. Love, Logan & Elizabeth Timko


Kelli Rivera posted on 3/20/20

Cindy and Andy I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what you're both going through right now. I love you guys and Marilyn, Melissa, Sheri, Mark and Georgie as well.


Liz Carmody posted on 3/20/20

Sending healing thoughts and prayers to family and friends. Liz Carmody, Former Parent Liaison, Bay View Elementary


Madeline posted on 3/20/20

Our hearts go out to you we all send our love and prayers and wish we could be with you



Deb Santjer posted on 3/20/20

All my love and prayers


Sherri Womack Coward posted on 3/20/20

Cindy, Andy, and extended Wind Family, we are extremely sorry for this horrible loss. I am sure this leaves a huge space in your lives. You all have been through many horrible losses. Praying for you all. Love, sherri♡


Karen Breen posted on 3/20/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. ❤️✝️⚓️ ~always


Georgiie Girl posted on 3/19/20

Carl Andrew, you were so loved. I love that our family was so tight knit. I love that we grew up so close and all of my memories include you. I pray that our family gains the strength we need to say our goodbyes. God is so blessed to have your beautiful soul in his presence. Love you forever.



Marissa Smith posted on 3/19/20

I love you forever, Carl. Cindy I am so beyond sorry. I will never forget when you took Carl and I out for margaritas and tacos. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I will never forget my dear friend.


Bill and Debbie Cahill posted on 3/19/20

Andy and Cindy, We are so sorry for your loss. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.


Richard Wind posted on 3/19/20

I'm sorry Cindy and Andy and Family & Friends... May God Rest little Carl's Soul , Peace and Strength be upon You All


Ellen posted on 3/18/20

My heart is hurting. I am holding on to the sweet memory of the last visit I had with Carl. He always gave me a big hug and smile. Cherish your memories. Love deeply. God Bless,