Condolences for Thomas Gallagher

Timothy "Snapper" Shepherd posted on 5/28/20

Dear Patti, I'm writing to you from Roanoke where I still live, but I'm regularly in touch with Mick"Jellyfish" Henahan and "Bambi", so I've been in a state of disbelief since they sent me the news.. I'm so sorry for your loss and wanted to let you know my thoughts and prayers go out to you on a regular basis.. I will definitely miss Gallagher on a large order, as a friend and as an "Angler".. For me the two of y'all are such a fixture of the beach, each time I return to visit I would always know if I stayed or walked the beach in your area I could count on seeing the two of you, weather permitting, in your chairs reading near the water's edge.. I sincerely hope in the future you'll continue that hallowed tradition, for I can assure you, I will certainly come by and visit with you.. Among the many illustrious characters within the "71st Street Anglers", the "Prez" certainly takes the cake, sporting his sometimes cantankerous disposition and then at other times a genuine love and appreciation for a fellow "Angler" and a friend.. When this quarantine and all the social distancing started I would chuckle to myself thinking, Gallagher was practicing that long before the rest of the world..If ever I would try to hug him in public he would shrink back and shout out, "Don't touch me Snapper, don't touch me!" Of course that would prompt me to say, "Aww come on Tommy", which would in turn send him into a tizzy with his retort of, "Don't call me Tommy!" I must say it was always a truly irresistible, endearing and hilarious exchange with ironically, a totally affable and lovable guy.. I will sorely miss him..Rest well Gallagher.. Take care Patti, stay safe and if there's anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Your friend, "Snapper" Timothy Shepherd


Pam posted on 5/25/20

No one will every forget "The Prez!" He was in fact, one of a kind. I will miss that voice at 6am at Wareings. RIP my friend.


Alicia Blanchard Peycelon posted on 5/21/20

He was one of my 7th grade teachers at John B Dey and was so full of personality! Nicknames for everyone, a booming voice - he was larger than life. Unforgettable. Deepest sympathies to those who loved and will miss him.


Janie Craig posted on 5/18/20

So sorry to hear about Tom's passing.The gym will not be the same without him! Patti you are in my prayers!


John posted on 5/17/20

I had Mr Gallagher in 5th grade at John B. Dey. I’m 46 years old now. The world needs teachers like him. The Monkees, and the games ( the Buzzards and the Buzzetes), “marker women!” He kept the class going, kept it entertaining The most memorable were the nicknames he gave us. I asked about Mr. Gallagher on the FW Cox FB page many years ago. Should of seen the responses!! Awesome guy! RIP


Stacey Will posted on 5/17/20

Barbara—So sorry for your loss! I always enjoyed seeing you and Tom while working the anglers ball and at the King of the Sea. He was definitely an unforgettable character! Take solace in knowing that he has joined two of the other good guys Butch and Nicky. Sending hugs— Stacey Will


Stacey Will posted on 5/17/20

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