Condolences for Eva Mercer Jackson

Faith posted on 6/1/20

Ms. Eva. Wonderful lady. Beautiful Spirit.


Kelly posted on 5/28/20

Nana was one of the most influential people in my life and I cant quite figure out how I am supposed to say goodbye to her. She’s at peace now and we are all able to take small comfort in that but this is all still so very hard. I have been trying to hold it together because these kids should not witness my grief on top of their own but I’m struggling. My nana is the first person I would have gone to for advice on being a mother, temporary or otherwise. She had 5 kids and 12 grandchildren and even when I was little I admired the kind and patient presence she had about her. I never once heard her raise her voice or speak an unkind word about anyone. Even with so many family members at her house for holidays, she’d find a way to make each of us feel special and loved by her. They were little things, but they meant the world. During family dinners, she’d always quietly place the mashed potato bowl in front of my plate, knowing that I’d eat at least five helpings. To this day, I can’t find a way to make them taste the same. Whenever people ask me if I want kids I always say 0 or 5, no in between. This was all because of her. I would say zero because I saw the wonderful and selfless way she took care of her family and was not sure if I’d ever measure up. And yet I said 5 because she raised her kids with such grace and love that even now I admire the bond my dad and his siblings have between them. I wanted that big family with strong ties and still do. Maybe, in a strange, strange way I’m just now realizing, that is why I said yes to these kiddos. I wish I could tell her all about them. I know she would love them as much as I do. After my nana suffered a stroke several years ago, I felt that we’ve been losing her in slow motion. I was blessed enough to have been one of her caretakers for the last few years and, though I missed how she was from before, I got to know her in a new and different way. Most of the time we would sit in silence while I held her hand or she’d watch me while I went about my day. Other days, she’d be struck by a sudden bout of chattiness that was uncharacteristic of her even from before the stroke. During these times she would ask for her late husband or speak about my dad, my aunts and uncle as if they were still children. The amount of love that she had for her family, even after she had lost such an important piece of herself, was astounding. She would tell me stories of her kids or of us grandchildren and her eyes would just light up. Even though she did not always know who I was during these times, I could tell she was revisiting a happier time and we would enjoy the bittersweet nostalgia together. I will always, always wish I could have had just one more talk with her. I don’t know how to say goodbye.


Cindi Flynn posted on 5/24/20

Like my sisters have previously said , Aunt Eve was so very special to our family and we thoroughly enjoyed her visits to NL and to our homes . We loved hearing about her family who you could tell she loved dearly and was so proud of ,and she always seemed genuinely interested in ours ,,,we always had great conversations about many topics and it always seemed to end with a laugh ,I will especially miss her at Christmas time because she was the one person who I always sent the “ “dreaded Christmas letter” to with my card.She would tell my Dad how much she enjoyed receiving them,,,,,so I kept it up. , You will be missed Aunt Eve. Love you Cindi ,Chris and Tyler xo


Beverley Watton posted on 5/24/20

Your NL family will miss you Aunt Eve. We always looked forward to your visits, and your interesting stories about your family were always enjoyed as we caught up on what was happening in their lives. Like my sister Michele said, you were one of a kind and your grace and compassion will be truly missed. We loved you Aunt Eve and will think of you with fond memories. Sending love to all the family. Xxoo Bev., Derek, Michael and Mark


Michele Mercer posted on 5/23/20

Aunt Eve was one of our favorite people in the world. Family was the most important thng to her, especially keeping those connections strong. We would look forward to her annual trip to Newfoundland every year where she would share many stories and photos of her family of whom she was very proud, and with good reason. Not only was she a wonderful mother, grandmother and aunt, she was also a strong woman who was ahead of her time with a keen interest in public affairs, social justice, and community. During her visits here in NL, we especially enjoyed wathcing the news with her to see a fresh, highly informed and intelligent perspective on the world. Aunt Eve was one of a kind and will be deeply missed. Our love and symapthy to all of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Michele, Russ, Jagger and Breck


Iris Harding posted on 5/23/20

Aunt Eve was very special to my husband Jack and myself , We began visiting her and her family every 2/3 years at her home over the last 50 years . We enjoyed our neighbourhood walks ,hanging laundry and her fabulous home cooking especially her chocolate cake that magically appeared from her freezer . We had long chats and laughter and shared recipes except that chocolate cake ! She was more like my older sister than an aunt ! We will miss her deeply !


Mary Gowans posted on 5/23/20

I spent many days at Mrs. Jackson’s house. She taught me how to bake cookies, and how to use a kitchen timer. When I lost my first born child, she knew how much I was grieving the loss and how overwhelmed I was having a huge hospital bill. She stopped by my Mom’s house and left me a beautiful card with comforting words, and a $500 check to help pay my hospital bill. She was always so kind and compassionate. She was a second mom to me, and she will be sorely missed.


Dana Ange posted on 5/23/20

Mrs. Jackson was my HERO! She was a mom to me when my mom died and was there in my mom's place years ago when I graduated cosmetology school. I will never forget the laughs, the conversations, and that beautiful hair. I remember her hanging her laundry outside on the clothes line. I so wanted to be a great woman, house mate and most of all a mother. You always called me your angel and you will always be my HERO!


Dawn Renee Jackson posted on 5/23/20

I have known her for over 37 years. She has been the best mother-in-law anyone could ask for. We were fortunate to live very close to her all those years. She has always been delightful to talk to. She was a wonderful grandmother to my girls and her other 10 grandkids. I was also fortunate to work with her for several months taking care of her husband before he passed and having her stay in our home for weeks at a time. She didn't say much but when she did she would smile and laugh. She will be greatly missed. I know she is a better place. Love Renee,