Condolences for Marcus Justice Rascoe

Pat Quiggle posted on 5/31/20

Sam, your Marcus will join my Jessica. We share the experience, strength and hope of parents whose bond is beyond words. Our prayers go beyond serenity. My wish for you is that the peace that inevitably will come will arrive soon and will be as deep as the love you have felt for your son. God bless and keep you and your family on the spiritual plane of love and tender memories.


Trent Koehler-Pfotenhauer posted on 5/29/20

I remember my first day of high school Marcus was the first friendly face i saw, we had been skating together a few years, and he got so excited and grabbed me telling me “if anybody here messes with you come to me” one of the few times in life anybody had my back and I will always love you for that Mook. Till we meet again brotha... shred in peace


Phillip Miles posted on 5/29/20

Sam, I’m so extremely sorry for your loss. Prayers and condolences from the LP team


Carol Marino posted on 5/29/20

I just wanted to reach out and let the Rascoe family know how sorry I am for your loss. I did something kind in his name and I checked out his music. He was very talented. You can tell from the video and the comments here that he loved hard and was loved by many. RIP Mookie


A. Robyn Brown-Henderson posted on 5/29/20

Thank you Marcus for being a friend to my adopted son when he was new to the neighborhood. Your warm smile was always welcome when you greeted me and my dog around the pond. You will be missed, but your welcome Spirit will always be with me. Many blessings sweet soul.


Lee Ann Haney posted on 5/29/20

I will always know you as the non-judgemental family friend who was there through all our messes with perfect acceptance and your perfect smile.


Lex posted on 5/29/20

Marcus, Mookie Mookie Rascoe, Mook Dawg, My G. where do I begin man? 8 million stories to tell of us together and I know you've got plenty with a hell of a lot more people too, and I cant wait to hear em drop. I am truly blessed to be one of the many friends you have. It hurts so much to know I'm not gonna get a random text from you saying "waddap pap", or even just be able to hitchu up and see what the hell you gettin into fam. But I'm seein things through a different view g. Some will get it, some won't. But I know for a fact you know many others will know and get everything eventually, if they truly know you and they aint dummies, HA! damn man. You've were there for me through some of the worst times of my life ever. I truly can't thank you enough for it. You were also there through some of the greatest times in my life, and those times were also a blessing. Through all of it, thank god that when we were gettin up we were fortunate enough to lay some of our times down on tracks. And all your loved ones. your strong, amazing mother, and your big brobro who's so solid, and entire family will always have pleasure in having your voice to hear. Although it's not the same as having you here in this realm, no matter how much ruckus, pain, and love. It was always pure. You're clearly still here forever man and always came with the FAX and I fucking love you g. YAKWTF time it is man. Sorry I had to do it hopefully this condolence doesnt get blocked or something. Nothing but endless love for you and your fam, and the ones who truly got to know you. Just know I got you man. til next time brother you know what it is til then. Thank you, for everything you've taught me. True life lessons. True love. And a true friendship. -breado


Karen S. Rose posted on 5/29/20

My dearest Sam, my heart is breaking for and is with you and the extended family. It is my sincere hope for you all, that swift peace comes to your hearts and souls, especially whenever you remember his smile and his love and anything that brought him pure joy. This is unimaginable, but I desperately want you to know, that I'm with you in spirit, and you're certainly in my thoughts. Cry when you feel like crying, you deserve the right to do so. I hope you can feels my consoling arms around you. I'll do my absolute best to honor Marcus in the ways you've suggested. Karen Rose


Martin Murphy posted on 5/28/20

Words cannot Express our shared sadness. Our love and thoughts are with you now and always. God bless. - Martin & Mum.


Martin Murphy posted on 5/28/20

Words cannot express our shared sadness. Our love and thoughts are with you now and always. God Bless.


Stephen Gegg posted on 5/28/20

The loss of a loved one is painful- the loss of your child is beyond comprehension. There are no words to share that ease the pain. May the memories and the love that your family shared guide you during this difficult time. My deepest condolences and prayers are sent to you Sam and your entire family.


Ron and Marsha Hayden posted on 5/28/20

Our heartfelt sympathy to Sam and Rogers in the loss of their son, Marcus. He was always quick to give us his broad smile and hug, and his offer to help us with whatever we might need. He left his family and friends too soon, as he was an energetic and creative young man.


Mark Richardson posted on 5/28/20

Marcus you brought such love, laughter and light to our family. And our tears are sweet because time cannot steal the treasure of our memories of you. I will especially treasure my memories of you as a young child wide-eyed and full of wonder, curious, sensitive, and full of fun. Although distant in location with the help of technology your life was never far away from our hearts and allowed us to keep in contact and share your adventures as you grew into a young man with a spirit and soul so full of love To me family means maintaining precious connections and I know that bond is unbreakable and will endure forever. Your time with us taught me about the power of family, shared emotions, compassion and that when we struggle there is still beauty to be uncovered. Forever family Love as always Mark & Heidi


Craig & Gina Tilhou posted on 5/28/20

Death leaves a Heartache no on can heal, Love leaves a Memory no one can steal. Sending our thoughts & prayers to the family & many friends. Wishing all Peace, Love & Happiness


Cindy Arthur posted on 5/28/20

Dearest Sam, I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. I am thinking about you and keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Cin



Barbara Smith posted on 5/27/20

Extending my deepest sympathy to the entire Rascoe family on the loss of such a wonderful young man. Marcus was a little ray of sunshine, funny, mischievious and always right in the middle of whatever was happening that was fun in the neighborhood. . He lit up the atmosphere with his smile and his joyful personality. I can still see him bouncing along the path on the pond with Doogie at his side. RIP Marcus, your spirit lives on in your family and friends who will always hold you close in their hearts.


Kayla Velez posted on 5/27/20

Marcus and I met when he was 11 and I was 12. I remember seeing him for the first time, with his big hair and smile. We gave each other our house numbers, and talked almost every single night. We developed a brother and sister relationship, and that's what made it so special. Because it was never more then that. We could have sleepovers and talk about literally everything and our relationships. I would walk miles to hang out behind Walmart and Hotline while he skated. When we got older, we stayed in Richmond for a little while. With our relationship we would fight, even though it got bad, we would never say sorry. We would just look at each other, and give a hug, and never spoke about it again. Know matter were life brought us, when we saw each our brother and sister relationship was the exact same from when we met when we were 11 and 12. I love you so much Marcus, you were so much more then anyone I've ever met. I will miss you every single day.


Shelley richardson posted on 5/27/20

I met my beautiful cousins once But the memories we made and the love that we shared have stayed with me for a lifetime. When they came over to the U.K. it was the best two weeks. We spent so much time together laughing and having fun. Marcus you’re energy and charming smile would melt even the toughest heart. It kills me to know that you are not walking this earth but I know my Mama has got you until we all meet again. I love you so much Cuz xxx


Lauren and Julian Epps posted on 5/27/20

I'm not going to pretend, I know exactly what you are feeling. I miss those middle school days so much, I wish I could go back. Taylor and Marcus, like you said had such mischievous ways. What an amazing tribute to your son. I remember those days so fondly, the skateboarding, the innocence. I'd like to believe, after Christ welcomes Marcus, Taylor will be be right there.



Kimberly posted on 5/27/20

God Bless Mookie and his Family! This is a very sad moment that makes time stand so painfully still. May God and the Angels send warmth and comfort to all


Joey Birch posted on 5/26/20

My man Marcus we met some yrs back I was working on your mom’s house doing a simple patch in a bedroom closet from that time on we crossed paths a few more times and you always showed me respect and I did the same you had a sprit that couldn’t be stopped as time went on I looked at you as a Brother sometime I didn’t agree with what you were doing but never once judged you you had this smile that no one could be mad at and I’m sorry I didn’t get to chill with you I was always working lol but to be honest I’m going to miss you Brother do me one favor keep an eye on all of us you are a great man just wish we had you longer until we meet again Rest in Paradise


Paul & Maria Somogyi posted on 5/26/20

In memory of a quick-witted and charming kid with a winning smile who left us too soon. With deepest sympathy to Sam & Rascoe and Marcus's entire family.


Michelle Chance posted on 5/26/20

Gone but never forgotten and will forever remain in my heart. I know we didnt grow up together living so far from each other, but the time we did spend was so memorable and I will always cherish that beautiful smile. Luv your cousin in the UK. My mum and are looking out for you now ♥️


Jenna Matalon posted on 5/26/20

Since I first met Marcus 14 years ago.. having seen him and spoken with him hundreds of times.. the only image in my mind is of his smiling. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in any other form. Rest In Peace to a beautiful soul, and prayers for your family.


Victoria Curtis posted on 5/26/20

My prayers and love go out to the Rascoe family. Remember Revelation 7:14-17


Mr. J posted on 5/26/20

Over the last year, we shared some good laughs and conversations. Some people didn't understand you, but now I see they just didn't take the time to get to know you. Kind, caring, funny and full of life is what you were. I feel like we were just getting started and I wish we had more time! Our last phone call has been playing in my head every day and I will hold on to it forever. I could hear and see your smile when you said "That's love bro" lol. You will truly be missed! My condolences to Mr. & Mrs Rascoe, Trey and the entire family. Thank you for sharing Marcus with us!


Whitney Claxton posted on 5/26/20

Deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to Sam and the entire family. A mother's heart can never be the same, but know that I am thinking of you daily and you and yours are ever in my prayers.


K2 posted on 5/26/20

Fry daddy miss u homie man we had some crazy shifts together man love u bro was always kind and crazy part he saved me a few times i know that pain he was chasing to take away i pray i see u up their big homie stay black homie #everyday #nofrillgrill


Arica Burston posted on 5/26/20

My deepest condolences and prayers to Sam and all of Marcus' family and friends. May you be blessed and comforted during this indescribable time.


Genia Wortman posted on 5/26/20

R I P Remember when you where so little you all use to play with each other You and your brother would play with my girls so hard to believe



Steven frangoules posted on 5/26/20

When i first met Marcus i would say we didn’t like each other much , because we both are the same person . Then a time or two after actually watching each other move and go about life we knew we had a strong connection and a lot of similar things that we related to that no one else could relate to , Marcus was so talented wise and definitely had his way with women . All in all imma miss you man . No matter what happened in the past that stuffs in the past , keep ya head up high my guy , say what’s up to my boy Pedro for me Love you mook


Reba Carlton posted on 5/26/20

My condolences to the Rascoe Family. Sending love from Indian Woods Missionary Baptist Church in Windsor NC. I was Marcus and Trey Vacation Bible School Teacher. When they were small they spent the Summer with Rogers and Gwen. My has time flown by. Praying the Lord will strengthen and keep you in such a time as this. Love Mrs. Reba Carlton


Richard & Kayla DeJesus posted on 5/26/20

We wanted to send our condolences and prayers to the family. May he rest in peace and watch over you all.



Jerry and Sharon Hufton posted on 5/26/20

We will always remember that beautiful smile.


Franchone Dukes posted on 5/26/20

I would like to express our condolences and love to the Rascoe family. Im offtend reminded that Heaven will heal this pain. Be blessed and lean on God each day. He will bring you peace in the midst of the pain. To the parents, we love you with the love of Christ Jesus.