Condolences for Sgt. John “J.T.” Drumm, Jr. Ret.

Brenda Shoun posted on 7/10/20

I lived next to John for close to 15 years he was a great guy and I was Nicky as well Rest In Peace John.


Brenda Shoun posted on 7/10/20

I lived next door to John for close to 15 years, he was a great guy and Nicky was a special Person as well Rest In Peace my friend.


Robert Hatfield posted on 7/7/20

John was my Sergeant in the Gold Sector when Waterside first opened. He always had a great sense of humor and me being a new officer, he was a pleasure to work for and made the job fun. Rest In Peace John, know that you were well thought of and will be missed.


Jim Robertson posted on 6/30/20

John was a wonderful police supervisor and a pleasure to work with and for. He will always be in my thoughts. Enjoyed working with him at the old fourth and again in the 2nd. Robbie.



Roxanne posted on 6/30/20

I’ll love you forever


Kelvin MacKavanagh posted on 6/29/20

We are very sorry to learn about John's passing. I last spoke to him on his birthday; John was a month older than myself. Know he will be happy to be reunited with Nicky and my Aunt Grace.. Nicky was my only MacKavanagh cousin. May they all rest in peace.


Ben and Rosey Greer posted on 6/28/20

John was one of our dearest friends. Always had a joke to tell. Remember him at our Christmas parties with Nicky. Wonderful couple. We will truly miss him. RIP with Nicky, Drumm.


James S McMahan posted on 6/28/20

I was one of the young fellows who joined at the age of 19 when the age was lowered. Many hated that policy and showed it by treated us badly. Sgt Drum was one kind man and it was very good to feel that a veteran Police Officer was OK with us young fellows and was willing to show it. Sorry to the family for the loss.


DAVE CAFFEE posted on 6/28/20

Worked with John at the old 4th pct. in he 60's a good man I am sure he will be missed. RIP


Joe Clifton posted on 6/28/20

Drumm family: Speaking for the entire Oma-Kron fraternity brothers at Western Kentucky, we express our deepest condolences. Some great memories from our days in the fraternity on the Hill together at Western. Rest in Peace & May His Memories Be A Blessing.


Roxanne Drumm McCarthy posted on 6/28/20

My brother was an AMAZING presence.He. Could work a room & make friends with EVERYONE. He could remember countless jokes, and knew an amazing amount of the history of Virginia. He was so smart, and just a beautiful person. I’m thankful I was able to see him & that he recognized me the day before he died. I’m glad I got to tell him that I loved him.



Kristina Hammock posted on 6/27/20

Sending love and prayers to the Drumm family from, Franklin NC. I didn’t know John Sr but his son has been a father figure in my life since age 5. After reading this obituary, I now know where John got his great sense of humor. Fair winds and following seas.


Hugh Parker posted on 6/27/20

John was an amazing person to call a friend co-worker and supervisor. With John you worked with him to get things done. An great person to be around.


Kathi Reed posted on 6/27/20

So sorry to hear of your loss. I enjoyed spending time with John and Nicky. John was a very devoted husband and took great care of Nicky through her health battles. I will miss both of them but know they are together again. Praying for your family.


Johnny posted on 6/27/20

My "POP" was one cool cat..! He was a true force in my life no matter where I was in my crazy life. I will cherish his memory forever. He was one of a kind. Fearless..Funny..Strong. Dependable. A "REAL" Man who loved and lived life to the fullest! I love you Dad !


John Greenia posted on 6/27/20

John was a great supervisor. Everyone enjoyed working with or around him. Rest In Peace


Noemi Lorenzo posted on 6/27/20

My sergeant in the 2nd Patrol Division’s when he led our Beach Patrol, BIKE Squad and PACE in East Ocean View. Funny, kind, supportive, wealth of wisdom. RIP Sarge...


Wayne McBride posted on 6/26/20

John was one of the finest who ever served in the NPD. May he rest in peace.


Ronnie Hall posted on 6/26/20

"Our Thoughts and Prayers are with the Family" The Chaplain Corps, Norfolk Police Department


Betty Whittington posted on 6/26/20

Worked with him in K9, a sweet person to work with. May God bless the family, he is receiving his rewards in heaven now. Thanks for sharing your special gift of FRIENDSHIP with us at K9.


Boe Bostjancic posted on 6/26/20

A great cop, awesome leader. You will be missed. RIP


Peter Goumenis posted on 6/26/20

John was a mentor to me and a wonderful leader. We were in K-9 together and he taught me much and always gave sound advice. Thank you my friend for being there for me and for listening to my concerns. May God bless you and your memory will be eternal!


Irene Correia posted on 6/26/20

Very sorry for your loss. John was a kind soul. My deepest condolences


Ray Pettway posted on 6/26/20

I worked with John in the K-9 Corps in the early 1980's. He was easy going and always fair minded with the public and to the officers he worked with. My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time.


Dwight Minyard posted on 6/26/20

One of the most loved sergeants in the department. Would go out of his way to help you. Never heard a bad word about anyone come from John.


Edward E Smith posted on 6/26/20

Worked with John at the 2nd Precinct, what a great guy. Sorry for the family's loss


Ralph lee posted on 6/26/20

He was one of the best supervisors that I ever worked for and a funny guy RIP Sarge.


Wayne Jackson posted on 6/26/20

John was sometimes like a Father Figure, sometimes like a Brother and always a really good drinking buddy. He was a huge support figure for the Family and along with Eleanor was always there to pick up the pieces. We all have our special memories that we will hold in our hearts forever. God's Peace My Friend.


Lou Ann DeViney Price posted on 6/26/20

Roxanne and Wayne I am so sorry about your loss. I loved Johnny and got to visit him while Nicky was still alive and enjoyed seeing him again. Remember playing with all of you at papa and momma Drumm’ house. Please stay in touch. Lou Ann


Ellie Emerle posted on 6/26/20

He was my best friend knew him for 60 years. He was always there for me and I was there for him.


Ellie Emerle posted on 6/26/20

He was my best friend we spent a lot of time together in the past years. Knew him tor 60 years of my life. He was my rock. You are now with God. Love you



Keith Davies posted on 6/26/20

Great guy, taught me a lot about policing.


Keith Davies posted on 6/26/20

My first sergeant, great police officer, always good to me. God rest his soul.