Condolences for Charles Austin Bland QMC (USN-Ret.)

darrell brock posted on 4/26/21

Chuck - We followed Bill W. together when I lived in the Norfolk area. Hope your chairing meetings up there.


Sid Samaha posted on 8/26/20

Worked with Chuck many years ago at NAVMACLANT (more than 40 yrs). After all this time, I was just playing with the pc and decided a moment ago to locate and give Chuck a call -- but am to late,,,, So very sorry to learn of his passing.


Carisa Vercaza posted on 7/9/20

You will always be remembered with your laughter and zest for life. Thank you for the wonderful memories, Papa Chuck. It has been a pleasure to have met you. Rest in power and peace! Love you!


Laurie Powell O’Leary posted on 7/8/20

So sorry to hear the sad news of Chuck’s passing. I hadn’t seen him since he came to my wedding in May 1992. But I’ve often though of him through the years. One-of-a-kind, he never failed to make me laugh and encourage me when we worked together at the Navy School of Work Study. He taught me about the subculture of Navy Chiefs and once took another coworker and me for a lunchtime flight. He put new siding on my mother’s house and shared his wisdom about rental properties. Such a colorful, go-getter, vibrant character. I will not forget him. May peace be with all his loved ones.



Sis Jane Bland Taylor posted on 7/6/20

My heart is broken but you are no longer in pain. I think I need to send you a message to check in and wait for your emoji which always made me smile. The last conversation we had I told you I love you and asked you to tell mom and dad I love them. I listen to the song “Go rest high on the mountain your work on earth is done”. You taught me so much. I feel so alone you were the only one I had left but I prayed for mercy for you asking the Lord to take you to stop your pain. I will see you one day Bro.


Jeanette Wesley posted on 7/6/20

Chuck - I will always remember our wonderful days at NAVMAC. You were the best coworker anyone could have. A very good memory! Prayers to you and your family.



Merle Bland posted on 7/5/20

Goodbye honey bunny! I will forever miss you my soul mate and love of my life. I will miss you saying "I love you" every day we're together. You always make me feel special and never miss any occasion. I know you are with our Creator. Always look upon me and don't worry coz Mark & Jhery will take care of me. I love u!


Joaquin Guzman posted on 7/4/20

Papa, Thanks for taking care of my grandmother and i will promise to you that we will take care of her and i am happy because you will not feel the pain upstairs and even we haven't met in personal i am happy to be your grandchild and you are only my grandfather i ever met. We will never forget you and we love you.


Mildred O. Guzman posted on 7/4/20

Papa Chuck, Thank you for being a part of our family. Even though we haven't met you personally, we always talk to you through the phone. Whenever we call you "Hi Papa, how are you?", you always reply "I'm good" and giving us a thumbs up. I always remember your bright smile. We will miss you, Papa. You're no longer in pain. Till we meet again. We love you, Pops.


Mark Gerom posted on 7/4/20

Happy Birthday! This is our usual greetings Pops! I hope i have known you a lot longer... Remembering the time I said form now on I will call you Pops! Mom said it was too cool... Was not able to cook for you as promised.. I believe you will be in a palce where there will be no more pain... You will always be in our hearts... We will always pray for you! Until we meet again... We love you!


Andrea posted on 7/4/20

Papa Chuck, even though we haven't met you personally, you become very close to us specially here in our heart. We are going to miss you, we won't be able to hear you say "happy birthday" whenever we video call you. Thank you for visiting me in my dream. I saw you, you smiled at me and I even held you hand. I am thankful that we have met you. You are now at peace and no longer in pain. We will miss you. We love you, Papa.


Miguel Guzman posted on 7/4/20

Hi Papa Im verry sad because we haven't meet yet..i will promise you that we will take care of mama and thank you for being part of our family.



Jhery posted on 7/4/20

Papa, we're gonna miss you.. I'm going to miss our "quack quack" moments. I'm going to miss your smile. Your gentle heart and your sweetness! Thank you for being part of our lives-even for a brief moment. Thank you for being a Grandpa to Gabby. I know that you're no longer in pain and you're always watching over us. Thanks for your visit -made me miss you more. I know.. I have to "slow down"- I will. Don't worry.. I'll take care of Mom..we love you Papa.. you'll finally meet your in-laws upstairs.. Say hi to them for us. Safe journey Papa no goodbyes just later...


Kevin and Cece Griffin posted on 7/1/20

Chuck will be missed terribly. We have been his neighbors across the street for 14 years he was always there to help us with our new home. Chuck always had cookouts and always made us feel like family. Chuck you have found your victory in Jesus Christ . We love you