Condolences for Joseph Charles “Jojo” Sebester, Sr.

Adam Kemp posted on 7/26/20

My dad informed me today that Joey passed away. I was very sad to hear this. I know how much of a friend he was to my brother Ryan. He is surely missed.



Karen withrow-brandt posted on 7/17/20

Joey was not only my brother-in law but my friend and a dad to my niece and nephews..I cant count the times when I could be soooo mad at him and then he would say something stupid or funny to make me laugh. His favorite thing to call me was "dum dum". I guess because him and I were alike and some crazy crap would come out of our mouthes. He LOVED ALL OF HIS KIDS!! Being a parent I know that we love all of our kids equally. There are times when we disagree but our love doesn't change..His son justin is a shy and quiet guy and didnt feel comfortable around alot of people so he didnt go to hang out with joey much. Joey was ALWAYS surrounded by a group of autumn and Joseph were troopers and could handle it. Joey and I have known each other for somewhere around 30 there were some crazy times. Joey was driving and I was in the passenger seat(passed out) and he took me and threw me in the driver's seat and hauled ass out of there..people called him " Hollywood" for different reasons, I think one reason is because he loved the ladies.. Joey had alot of love for alot of people. I remember hearing alot about angie mae(?) . I dont remember meeting her but he was quite fond of her. Then there is jen and we know that they were crazy about each other..only joey could drive you crazy and make you love him at the same time. To all of his friends, joey loved each and every single one of you!! Justin, Joseph and autumn I have seen your pain over the last 11 days and I'm so sorry. It's not easy losing your father but planning and paying for the service is hard. And for my sister tina, he never stopped loving you. I KNOW he drove you crazy but look at the wonderful kids that came from all of the craziness.....IM ALMOST DONE JUST HOLD ON..To those of you who are able to do so maybe you will make a donation to altmeyer to help his kids pay for his services. I know, it's not appropriate but as joey would say..IT IS WHAT IT IS..



Terri Modrell posted on 7/15/20

Joey -thank you for your kindness to my parents and helping us so quickly when we needed your construction expertise. You meant so much to so many people and will be greatly missed.



Jen Gibson posted on 7/14/20

Joseph Sebester 6/9/70 - 7/6/20 It's with a sad heart I write this...I couldn't believe when I got the news of your's still hard for me to accept. I cry everyday trying to find comfort in God's will and plan in all of this. I had read recently the definition of a soul mate...that is what I feel you were to me....I spent more than a quarter of my life with you....we had some great times and some not so great times...we both struggled to like each other but never stopped loving each other which to this day and everyday after will comfort me. God's plan had me leave town the same day I received this deviating news...I believe he knew I would need time away to deal with this loss...I thought alot about you and the memories we shared...You were forever an optimist and found humor in everything even driving me crazy! I think a saw Amy Vaughn's post that described you as the most passionate person she knew which was sooo spot on. I want to thank her for filling the last your life with happiness. I also want to thank Tina for giving you an awesome bunch of kids and being a rock for all of them and not taking your crap did like us fiesty ones. I struggled while you were alive to share you with others but now your gone I see that was your purpose. You have so many people that love you because you loved all of us so deeply we could help but love you back. Your live was amazing and everyone that knew you knew you loved them! Some of us have called you Hollywood because you knew so many people it was like you were famous. Some of your favorite saying were ”I don't call you son because your mine I call you son because you shine”..."It is what it is"...which I still say you stole from me lol...and my least favorite thing u would say to me was...”your right but your wrong" lol....I thought you would drive me crazy forever...I will think of you Everytime I hear crazy girl don't u know that I love you...I want to thank you for the part you played in my kid's life...that has always meant alot to me and them! I know the true loves of your life was your "crumb snatchers" my heart breaks for them but know you will forever be watching over all of them and us. I'm glad God's plan permitted me to talk to you one last time before you went home! I luv u 2 heaven Joey!


Courtney Morgan posted on 7/13/20

Such a kind, sweet and easy spirited person. May the memory of JoJo rock on and he forever rest in peace!


Catrina Tolentino posted on 7/12/20

So sorry for your loss to his family and many friends,I have known Joey for over 30 yes,had a lot of good times!! Peace be with you always!!!


lois r huber posted on 7/12/20

sorry for your loss joey has been a family member for year love tracy ,lois and jonathan


[email protected] posted on 7/11/20

Man joey what an awesome exsperiance have u as a friend for over 20;yrs! Proud of u brother u came along way! Good times we shared many memories! Love u brother! Rest easy!