Condolences for Shepard Zane Kaplan

Gwendolyn Newman posted on 9/4/20

Mary Ann, You know how much I loved Shep. He was the best! I remember the day that we met Shep at our apartment on 27th Street. You were so unsure that he would like Bill. You were so wrong! ..... and our 34+ years of friendship formed and that grilled London Broil was the start of it all! What a journey we've had. Sooo many memories. I can't begin to count. If you were a friend of Shep, he would do anything! And I mean Anything for friends. He loved you and Zack sooo much. You two were his world. We will miss him so much! And.... I will always be here for you Mary Ann. Love, love you!


Doug West posted on 9/2/20

Shep and I worked together as contractors for many years. He was one of the best men I have ever come in contact with and I have total respect for him and what he accomplished in life. Anyone that knows him knows how passionate he was, especially about the Yankees. He was a fighter and I loved him like a brother. I have missed serving with him since his retirement. To Mary Ann and Zachary, as much as he touched your lives - please know that there are so many others that he touched as well!