Condolences for Serena LaReine Gentry

Alexander Ruiz posted on 12/6/20

I never met you but you are my cousin, family. I will meet you someday. Condolences to my uncle Luis and Aunt Marion. God bless.


CDR Michael S. Dwan posted on 12/6/20

The officers, chiefs, and sailors of the U.S. Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System Romania extend our heartfelt sympathies. Serena, an amazing woman who followed her husband in his chosen profession to defend our Nation. It takes a special strong person to be a military spouse. May her support be forever felt by those she loved. In loving memory.


Aurora Rebeca Scott posted on 12/5/20

First met Serena at Kaiser Zion MC when I was her blood bank trainer. I would tell her, like I tell all my trainees, to "Document, document , document. Cover your butt, and don't trust anybody, not even me. 'Trust but verify.'" Later on, and totally unrelated to the blood bank I would say to her "Trust me, Serena." She'd come back at me and tell me " You told me not to. I was paying attention." She travelled extensively, by herself, and a lot of times, just by the seat of her pants. She would make last minute travel plans and reservations and somehow she'd always make things work. "What do you think of this hotel?" " It looks kind of moldy with all those tapestries hanging around, like Dracula will be your bellhop, Serena." "Okay, NEXT!" We commiserated over our cats and how ungrateful they all were for not appreciating the we paid good money for and how they had more fun with the cardboard boxes the purchases came in. "Louie is the Devil! He was waiting for me in the shower, look at these scratches!" or "Louie is a PUNK, he took over Bill's bed and now Bill is sleeping in my bed and hogging all the space!" I miss my dear friend Serena. It's hard to think that I can't text her or send and receive cat meme's from her. But please, please don't say " Poor Serena." Serena was a badass in a tiny package, she did so many things that many of us only dream of doing. She took big, HUGE CHUNKS out of life, ate them with gusto, and she's probably touching the moon by now. When we meet again I know she'll say "YAY! Let me show you around. This place is AWESOME!" Until then, I love you, my friend. Totally!


Ray posted on 12/3/20

Serena and I (jokingly) talk with a British accent. Of course, she sounds authentic while sound trying hard. We end our conversation with hearty laughter! I told her that I want to travel to Europe with my family and she will teach me how to plan the trip and how to visit the neighboring countries for $50. She would open the google map and tell me how to plan my itinerary. She would show me how she traveled from one country to another, how she keeps a screenshot of the map of places she will visit to blend in. I never bothered to write them down or remember because I have always thought she would be a phone call away! Serena is the only person I know who lived her life to the fullest. I think her bucket list is empty since I know that she will realize it right away when she puts something in there. I am devastated to hear of her passing, but I know she wouldn't want me to be sad for her. She is the bubbliest, strongest, most daring, one of the funniest, most optimistic person I've met! I wish I told you how much I love you!


Devi and Jay Chhana posted on 12/3/20

We travelled through Ireland and Scotland as well as New Zealand and had the best time. We enjoyed many glasses of prosecco and many many laughs. She was a lover of travelling and good times and we loved that. Rest in peace my friend, we will always love you and miss you heaps❤️


Michael Ruiz posted on 12/3/20

Serena was my sister and we were very close. We were always the person that we knew we could talk to about whatever was bothering us. I looked up to Serena for how she worked hard for what she wanted and she achieved greatness. She will be sorely missed. My little big sister, love you always!


Julie Rwan posted on 12/2/20

Serena sprinted past me in 5th grade gym class and that’s when we became fast friends. Always down for adventure, Serena was fearless, compassionate, and hilarious. I think of her often and am grateful for her friendship. Love and light to Serena’s family.


George Gentry posted on 12/2/20

Serena was my daughter in law. Feel like we bonded in a short period of time. A few stories: Meet her a few years ago while my son was dating her. One night went to a restaurant and bar in San Diego for dinner with my wife, my step daughter, her husband, David and Serena... Came out and a lady was asking for money for food. My step daughter husband gave her his sandwich, which the lady promptly threw in trash and walked away. Turned around and Serena was up in the ladies face pointing her finger at her. My son had to separate them.. Not very big but tough. After marriage I used to call her my #1 daughter in law. She would laugh and say she was my only daughter in law. One day she said she wanted to be #1 person, from then on just called her #1. She use to say I reminded her of her father, both of us was goofy. To me a great complement. Before coming to Virginia, she told me she did not want to because to cold. I kidded her that the real reason she was afraid of becoming a redneck :) She came to Virginia and loved it and quickly became part of the Virginia family. David said she traveled to 36 countries, sometimes by herself. Always admired her independence and sense of adventure. She found some place this guy had climbed a mountain in winter with shorts and t-shirt. She wanted to do it and said David did not and asked if I would with her. I was touched. Just a few I can remember, she will be missed. George Gentry


Esther posted on 12/2/20

This beautiful young lady was dearly loved by George and Lori Gentry. God Bless her.


Sherry E. posted on 12/2/20

I had the privilege of teaching Serena everything I knew about Microbiology during her CLS internship. I used to refer to her as my Padawan. One cherished memory that stands out for me is the time my husband & I took her dirt bike riding. I don’t believe she’d ever ridden a quad on her own and she didn’t have a lot of upper body strength so every time she’d gave it gas she’d run it into the bushes. Didn’t phase her a bit in fact made her just want to ride more. For years after she’d moved down to San Diego she’d text some outrageous picture of her at Comic-Con in full costume or one of her many versions of Joe Dirt. When I heard of her passing the first thing I thought about was how grateful & lucky I was to have known such a spirited soul. Praying that Padawan’s family finds comfort & peace knowing that they have an angel watching over them now.


Gina T. posted on 12/2/20

I met Serena during her internship as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in Ridgecrest, CA. She was full of life, and a joy to be around. Rest in peace Serena. I will forever remember your smile and thank you for introducing me to Raspberry beer cheers my friend.


Gina posted on 12/2/20

I met Serena during her internship as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in Ridgecrest, CA. She was full of life, and a joy to be around. Rest in peace Serena. I will forever remember your smile and thank you for introducing me to Raspberry beer cheers my friend.


Amanda Taylor posted on 12/2/20

Serena was more than a cousin... she was my friend. We talked often about life and everything in between. I got to talk to her before she was no longer able to talk... I didn’t know about her diagnosis until the day before that. For people that talked often you would think she would have mentioned her breast cancer diagnosis and prognosis... but she didn’t utter a word about it. She didn’t want anyone to suffer along side her. I’m so sad. I feel robbed of time we could have had... but I’m realizing that she wanted to leave me with happy memories of her- which I have plenty of. She was amazing! Lived life to the fullest. Did whatever she set out to do. I loved her- and I always will. Thank you for being my friend.



Christine Sulluvan posted on 12/1/20

I worked with Serena at sharp healthcare and she was a beautiful soul. She was an adventurous and fun filled spirit. God bless her in her new forever home.



Virginia Garcia posted on 12/1/20

I met Serena through a mutual friend here in San Diego Ca she was an adventure girl who loved to travel Rest In Peace Serena


Erica Brown posted on 12/1/20

I only met Serena a few times and first met her in Pacific Beach and we bonded over both being Scorpios. She seemed so full of life and really had a passion for things. She will be greatly missed.


Craig posted on 12/1/20

I only met her once during a flight over to the uk, with a shared interest in costumes at Comic-Cons and a few GnT’s it was great getting to know her and of course the inventive tattoos she had!



Heather Valles posted on 12/1/20

The memory I have of Serena is from our Senior year in high school we both ran for homecoming queen together. We had such a blast making signs and making costumes for the week we also would laugh so much because we would make Michael do all our grunt work. She was always outgoing and bubbly she loved to explore and have a great time. She wanted everyone around her to enjoy themselves to the fullest.



JULIE A RUIZ posted on 12/1/20

Enjoyed life to the fullest!!!