Condolences for Dorothy Lawson

Circle Of Love and Carrie A. Johnson posted on 2/3/21

To the family of Dorothy Reese Lawson and especially to Donna, Carlton, Craig and Tresserlyn, Words are insufficient for us, at the Circle of Love daily Conference Call, of which your mother was a part, to express our sorrow and condolences when we heard of your mother's transition. We want you to know that your mother, Dottie as we affectionately called her, was greatly loved. On some of those mornings, when she did not wake up in time to join us at 7:00Am, for our 15 minutes of prayer and encouragement, she would called and ask: "Carrie, what happened? Why was there no Circle Of Love conference call this morning?" To which I replied, " there was!" "Oh no, she said, I overslept, I went to bed late because I had so many things on my plate! Let me set my clock right now to wake me up, but just in case my alarm doesn't work, call me to make sure I am awake!" We laughed! To Dottie, life was a balancing act between family, friends, self, and others. I think she realized at the end, that whether it's smiles or frowns, ups or downs, give or take, it's bound to even out. So, hang in there, Donna, Carlton, Craig and Tresserlyn: believe in yourself, believe in each other and most importantly, believe in one of your mother's favorite scriptures, Romans 8:28: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. We love you and we are praying for you, Carrie A. Johnson and the Circle of Love Royal Legacy Center


Jennifer Murrell posted on 2/3/21

Ms Lawson then Ma Lawson simply became Ma because of so many mother daughter talks. Sharing her love, wisdom, hope and faith even some of our disappointments. I will miss those talks although because of living and life wasn’t as frequent as times in the past. I will miss my fav! The best grits, stewed chicken and gravy ever! Fish and grits too! My heart breaks in one beat and celebrates in the next I guess the hope for more time. I thank God for Jesus and for ma Lawson. Trusting God and praying for the family Matthew 25:23 I love you❤️


Yolanda G. Chapman posted on 2/3/21

My deepest condolence to the family. Ms. Lawson was a true treasure to all she came in contact with. A heart of gold and a mind full with wisdom. Gone but never forgotten. I Love you Ms. Lawson and I will always cherish the relationship God blessed us to have. Take your rest Mama Dorothy.


Dr. Belinda Miss, Soteria Life Center posted on 2/3/21

What a glorious occasion, spending eternal life with our loving Father. What a wise and beautiful woman you are and your children will continue to reflect God’s glory. We love you, family and are only a phone call away.


Brenda Howard posted on 2/2/21

Tresserlyn, I offer my sincere condolences to you and your family. I never met your mother, but from the things you shared about her, I know she was a strong woman of faith who loved her God and her family. I hope you take comfort in your precious memories of love and laughter in the times you shared. Your love for her was evident in the tender care and comfort you provided in her last days. I pray for God's peace, His healing love and grace for you and your family.



Dr. Denise Lindsay-Blue posted on 2/2/21

I was introduced to Mrs. Lawson when her eldest daughter (Donna) and I were college Juniors. I stayed at her house many late night writing papers with her daughter - but no matter how late I stayed or how often I was there, she always met me with a smile and often a delicious plate of food ! I was visited by her kindness many times during my young adulthood. Thank you Ms Lawson for watching my daughter and telling me it was okay (with a smile) when I arrived late from work, giving me wife -wisdom when I was a young bride, telling me to “put on a little make-up’ just because, and genuinely applauding my accomplishments. You are special to many, but I want it to be known, that you filled a very special place in my heart . Always in love and peace, Denise


Denise Lindsay-Blue posted on 2/2/21

During this time of transition, I wish the family strength and comfort.


Sharon Judkins posted on 2/2/21

Tresserlyn, My sympathy is extended to your and your family during the passing of your mother. No matter the circumstances, we can never prepare for the passing of a love one. However, it is my hope that you will be strengthen by the many fond moments and memories you shared with her. When GOD allows you to give love ones their flowers while they can smell them, you can at least say your good-byes without regrets. While I know you will greatly miss her, I also know you are without regrets. My prayers and thoughts are with you during this difficult season. As your mom so purposefully prepared you, in the days ahead, "Keep Looking To A Faithful God"!


Elmira Pitchford posted on 2/2/21

Tress be strong. You are blessed. I love you. I am here when you need me.


Keith & Almeria Grant posted on 2/2/21

Sincere condolences and prayers for entire family. Mrs Lawson has and always will have a special place in our family as it takes a village and she played an instrumental part in both spiritual and educational development in out son Karlus from the beginning to where he is in life at this point of success.


Keith & Almeria Grant posted on 2/2/21

Sorry to hear of the passing of Mrs Lawson. Prayers for entire family. Thanks and it was a blessing for Mrs Lawson being a part of the development of our son Karlus’ spiritual and education growth Faith Outreach. Take your rest and will see you again. Love and sincere condolences


Mary Ann Johnson posted on 2/2/21

My Sincere Condolences to you Tresserlyn, Donna, Richard, Carlton and the rest of the family. I miss your mom already! She was one of my Closest & Dearest Friends! One of my favorite sayings of hers was recorded in her voice mail. It was, "Keep Looking To A Faithful God!" Her memories will always been in my heart! Family, I pray that the Lord comforts you, strengthen you and give you peace in the days, months and all the years ahead. Lovingly, Ann Johnson ❤


Mon Trice, Vernon & Danielle Presley posted on 2/2/21

Our heart felt condolences to Family and friends for the lose of a wonderful woman who will always hold a place in our hearts and mind. We will always keep her close and she will live on in all of us.


Kimberly, Dennis, Kyndal and Courtney Harrison posted on 2/2/21

It’s incredibly hard to believe Ms. Lawson has left our presence to enter eternal glory. Our deepest condolences to the family and may you take some peace that your mother is taking her well deserved rest in the arms of our Lord.


Pamela Parham posted on 2/2/21

My prayers are with the family May God give you peace and strength.


Lambda Omega Chapter, Newport News, VA. posted on 2/1/21

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. ® Lambda Omega Chapter gives our condolences. We know you will not be forgotten. Peace and Blessings


Robin Singleton-Plowden posted on 2/1/21

I hope and pray that the Lord brings you and your family peace during this difficult time. My condolences to you and your family.


Cynthia Augustus posted on 2/1/21

Donna, you and your family have my deepest condolences. I remember your mother's smile and calm demeanor. May your memories bring you comfort during this difficult time.


Donna Lawson posted on 1/31/21

So far mommy, your death is the hardest pain I have ever felt. Yet, the most hopeful I have ever believed. Our life together, trials and triumphs, death and now away from me into eternal life are impossible to understand or interpret God. As my thoughts come and go, my questions abound and my faith waivers. Yet, mysteriously, I still trust God. “Keep looking to a Faithful God” is at play sure enough! From the day you first spoke “Keep looking to a Faithful God,” these words became Spirit, took on life in my heart and I behave accordingly all the days of my life. Like the time, I got divorced, loss my job, loss my earthly possessions, feared the outcome of my daughters choices as well as the time I received notice of a myriad of chronic medical illness and more, I looked to a Faithful God. And, I made it through. My course of life is not a “And, she lived happily ever after” as you would have liked, But, I live. There are many moments both good and bad that I wish for a redo. How foolish. If you and I had the power to redo every event of our mother-daughter relationship, we would have missed the response of our hearts from the inside in demonstrating towards each other God’s plan of perpetual redemption and reconciliation. Thank you for the day you asked me to pray that the Lord would take you home. I prayed with great grief while tears poured from my eyes, my heart feeling as though it was coming out of my chest all the while the hope of the life ahead for you dried my tears as they fell. The prayer you asked of me, was the hardest prayer I had ever prayed. In prayer we worshiped in tears, and invited the Lord who we both knew so dearly into our sorrow in separating. A shift from the hope of healing to the hope of eternity comforted my heart. Though my ability to visit with you during your hospital stays were chained by human doings, the sacred exchange of peace that this prayer provided through the telephone was the greatest gift you could have ever given me in your dying. In your dying and rising where God is at work, ending your life and making gracious new beginnings for you a life that cannot finally be controlled, God has made a new beginning for me too. I am left with a new gift of life, a demonstrated state of maturity to pray for God’s will. Your dying hurts. I will long for you all the remaining days of my life in hope that I shall be with you again. For if I have no sorrow, I have no hope. Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope. We believe that Jesus died and rose again and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. (1Thesssalonians 4:13 The joy and daintiness of motherhood is over. Wear your crown well! I love you mommy. Donna


Bonnie Stewart posted on 1/30/21

When I began teaching, Dorothy Lawson was my mentor. I learned more the 7 years I worked with her than days since. She loved her students!! I still use methods in my classroom today that she taught me in 1992. Rest In Peace, Ms Lawson, & thank you for your faithfulness in all things. Love you, my sweet friend.


Wallace E Jarvis.Mr.Gene posted on 1/29/21

I'm deeply saddened by your loss.Dorothy was a wonderful friend and neighbor. I will miss her dearly.


Wallace E Jarvis posted on 1/29/21

Eugene Jarvis