Condolences for Sherman Ray “Cagey” Cohoon

Hayden Sweet posted on 3/25/21

I remember being at Grandma Judy´s and Papa Rays and I and him would watch the news together or some game show and just talk and yet it was something that was one of the funniest things in the world. I was lucky to have a Grandpa as great as he was. He was so funny and smart he was also talented and a man of many great things. there will not be one day that I will forget the world's best Grandpa. May he forever rest in peace.


Donald Combs posted on 2/10/21

Sorry, we did not see much of other after my Mother died Evelyn Combs. You knew how Charlie Combs was, Please rest in peace!!


Donald Combs posted on 2/10/21

Sorry, we didn't get to see much after my mother Evelyn Combs died, She was your Aunt, but you know how Charlie was, so please rest in peace!


Mary Suman posted on 2/9/21

Mr. Ray will always hold a special place in my family’s heart as “Santa Cohoon” from the kids’ preschool parties. He was a wonderful neighbor and good friend to my parents for 25 years. Rest well, Mr. Ray.


Kelly McGavock posted on 2/6/21

I am so sorry for your loss. Cagey was a good friend, mentor, and inspiration to me during the years we worked together in the Navy's Supervisor of Shipbuilding community. I will always remember his professionalism, his focus, and his sense of purpose on the job as well as his comradery and sense of humor during the times spent together after the work was done.


Renae Cohoon Matthews posted on 2/3/21

I miss you more and more each day dad. I love you and can’t wait to see you again.


Tom West posted on 2/3/21

I have to agree completely with comments made by my brother Larry West. He and I, along with Ray, spent many hours playing in that big Boxwood bush (more like a tree) along side Ray's house in Alexander Park. We also had to cut many switches from that tree for obvious reasons.


Beth posted on 2/2/21

I miss you so much dad, I really need one of your hugs


Beth posted on 2/2/21

I miss you so much Dad I want a hug


Currituck County Senior Staff posted on 2/1/21

We are so saddened to hear of Ray's passing. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


Leslie Hughes posted on 2/1/21

My heart is saddening of this news. I met this couple several years ago. I enjoyed spending time with them. I would sit with Mr. Ray and he would share stories about of his love for Ms. Judy. We would always play Cash Cab or watch Sports. He went tell me about all the adventures he had been Blessed to participate in during his life. A true man of God! We tried to keep each other inspired. Ms. Judy I am a call away. God Bless the family.


Larry West posted on 1/31/21

My best childhood buddy has graduated. As very small children we not only were next door neighbors but close to being brothers. We made many memories together in Alexander Park. Ray grew into man that was successful in all that he attempted to do. His first great achievement was marrying Judy (she is a sweetheart), but his greatest achievement was receiving Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. I will see my good buddy again!


Bobby Kilpatrick posted on 1/31/21

I grew up with Ray in Academy Park. My older brother, Wade was the same age as Ray but we all hung out together. Connected again at SupShip where we worked together for 30+ years. Great guy and highly respected by his associates for his knowledge of safety issues. You will be missed! Rest In Peace, see you on the other side.


Bill Cockrell posted on 1/31/21

Sorry for your loss


Patti Coffie posted on 1/30/21

I lived next door to Ray for almost 20 years. My children grew up knowing him as Santa Claus at our neighborhood parties as well as a surrogate grandfather. The Cohoons definitely hold a giant space in all of our hearts and will never be forgotten.



Patricia Keith posted on 1/30/21

Judy and Ray were the first neighbors Sam and I met when we moved into our home in Currituck Landing. I can still remember as if yesterday. Ray was building some kitchen cabinets and Judy & him welcomed us to use their phone when we had some issues. Always friendly and among the best neighbors one could have! Judy and I have journeyed through Sam & Ray sicknesses together. I will always hold a special place in my heart for Ray. My prayers have always been for God to grant us the strength, comfort, & peace through this journey! God Bless you Judy and your family during this difficult time and remember how much I care and will be here for you


Annette & Sonny Taylor posted on 1/30/21

Prayers for family..Hugs


Ken and Lana Farmer posted on 1/30/21

Ken and I moved into Currituck Landing just few months prior to Ray and Judy's home being completed. We met them shortly thereafter and immediately became friends and neighbors. Ray was very involved in the homeowner's association and was also the best Santa at our Christmas gatherings. He was such a kind and funny person and he touched so many of us. He had the best caretaker in Judy that anyone could ever hope for. Our deepest sympathy and love to Judy and the entire family. He will surely be missed by everyone.


Pam and Tim posted on 1/30/21

You will always be in our hearts and memories. You were a great influence and example for our sons growing up at Pilmoor and we will always cherish that. We expect you are having some great laughs with our Saviour. See you again one day,Mr.Ray.


Bernie Kirsch posted on 1/30/21

Ray Cohoon a 1962 Cradock High School graduate always made his classmates and schoolmates proud of him from High School and throughout his long life. He and his wife, Judy raised a beautiful loving family. He rose to a senior management position in the Civilian Navy at the Shipyard. He was active in his church and his community, and he endured for 7 long years at the end of his life after suffering a debilitating stroke. Ray was a hero. My profound sympathy to his family and many friends. May he rest in eternal peace and be remembered for his kindness.


Rick and Sue Allen posted on 1/30/21

Thanks for being a great neighbor you fought a hard fight rest in peace Ray, my friend.


Rick and Sue Allen posted on 1/30/21

Ray and Judy thank you for being great neighbors and Ray rest in peace my friend you fought a hard fight.