Condolences for Paul Bohnet

Page Kistler posted on 2/25/21

I am so sorry for your loss. I knew Paul from practicing law together in the Virginia Beach courts and he was a great lawyer who took such good care of his clients. I am sorry he is gone. He will be missed.



DeAnn de Gregory posted on 2/17/21

My sincerest condolences to Cecelia and Family. I am heartbroken to know he is gone. As teenagers we left New Jersey to start new in Virginia Beach. Paul was the epitome of strength. He was strong, courageous and always a dear friend. He loved his family so very much. God Bless you keep you during this time.


Jen Babb posted on 2/16/21

Paul you will be forever missed. Thank you for always being so kind to me and always being there to answer my many questions with much patience. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I was fortunate enough to meet and know you through our amazing mutual friends. RIP my friend, RIP and don’t worry I’ll keep an eye on Momma and April!❤️


Eric Bohnet posted on 2/16/21

Goodnight Brother... Please watch over us.


Jamie Grill posted on 2/16/21

We said goodbye to our brother Paul yesterday. Due to unfortunate health reasons, Eric, my Mom (who helped raise young Paul every weekend and then full-time) and our Dad were unable to attend. Come Hell or high water or anxiety attacks I needed to be there for my Pauly and my family. Thanks to my great friend, Kim, who drove me down and was my rock through it all, I was able to attend and meet and revisit with Paul's "Virginia Beach" family. They were his greatest and most supportive friends who helped Paul in his very hard and unfortunate times. He had also helped and supported them in every way possible with his beautiful heart. Paul's goal in life was to take care of others and to be be very giving of himself. He had and still has a beautiful soul. We can all agree that Paul has been watching over my sister in law, Donna. We and Donna herself KNOW he has been there with her helping her hang on and to heal. I am telling you now, that Paul was one of the most loved and admired people and has touched so many lives including my/our Mom's, Dad's and especially mine and Eric's. Pauly was and still is HANDS DOWN our favorite brother ever! ❤ He has brought us all some of the best and greatest times and funniest, sweetest and most joyful memories. Our big brother was a "Big Brother" to so many down there in Virginia Beach for over 30 years. Paul's family down there is now our family, as well and boy oh boy their kind words and hugs were just what this girl needed in order to get through this unbelievably difficult weekend. I felt all of this pressure was on me, but I had Pauly and his family right by my side every single step of the way. We are all so sad that you had to "Leave this World for a While" but we are so happy that you finally "FREE.... FREE FALLIN." And yes Neil, I was filled on on yours and Paul's version of that song and I love it. Pauly.... You were my EVERYTHING! Love, Your Lil Sis XOXOXO P.S. I am so thankful that I was able to hold your hand and give you my last kisses. Thank you for being my Big Bro.❤


Judge Mary Jane Hall posted on 2/14/21

I taught Paul a course in Business Law at ODU back in the 90s and I was impressed by his nimble intelligence and thoughtful questions. I don't remember most of my students, but I've always remembered him. I was so pleased to run into him again, years later, as an attorney practicing in my court. I knew he'd had an aptitude for law, and I was right. He was a very talented and gracious lawyer who clearly cared very deeply about his clients. It was always such a pleasure to have him in court. I am so very sorry for your loss.


Geoffrey Rice posted on 2/14/21

Paul was just like a BIG brother. He helped me and my mom with lots of things. And he included me and always made me feel important.


Jennifer Rice-Stadsvold posted on 2/14/21

I met Paul when I was just 17 years old. He had started dating my sister and I just remember how "COOL" I thought he was. It wasn't long before I knew just what a genuine person he actually was. I remember him asking me to go to court with him for his own trial. I watched him during it and the sentencing of a man who tried to end his life. I can vividly recall the sense of admiration I formed for him watching how he composed himself during this trying event. His ability to not let someone else, anyone else, have the power over him was inspiring to say the least. To me, Paul was the epitome of strength, independence, and self-motivation; everything I wanted to be. It was that day that I began viewing him as family, a brother, not just my sister’s boyfriend. He quickly became the person I turned to when trying to navigate the difficult challenges of the adult world I was entering. He was someone who always accepted me as I was. I trusted him deeply, with all of my truths, because he earned it! Over the next 28 years, he continued to be there for me and even my children in various ways. I will miss his smile, laugh, honesty, sense of humor, strong comforting hugs, and of course his mechanical skills. The world lost a wonderful man and I am heartbroken for all who love him as I and my family do.


John Rice posted on 2/14/21

From shortly after I met Paul I called him Son and he treated me the same way my own children did. There wasn’t anything I ever ask of him that he did not do for me. And in many case even better, with me. Nor did I have to ask often. Somehow he knew there was something I might need help with and he’d just show up. Usually it was some kind of mechanical problem. Ours was for years his holiday home home and he celebrated with us as a member of the family. All that said, what most impressed me was his determination to make a positive contribution to the community. Finishing the degree, took huge extra physical effort. And his decission to pursue a law career gave him the tools to help who knows how many people who really need help in the legal system. Never arrogant, extravagant, self serving, just a good hearted ordinary guy (well with some extra intelligence) willing to get grease on his hands, and use his knowledge and skills to help people. I’ll miss you son, but will never forget the example of caring and personal generosity you set for all of us.


Amanda (Rice) Boyd posted on 2/13/21

Paul will be greatly missed by our entire family. He was like another big brother to us all. He could light up a room and you always new you could count on him.


Pamela Bowles posted on 2/13/21

Paul was special to those of us lucky enough to know him. He had a wickedly funny sense of humor largely fueled by his quick wit. He was an amazing example of resilience. He cared deeply for his friends and he will be missed.


Natalie VanVranken posted on 2/12/21

Paul was an amazing soul who made everyone he came in contact with feel good. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Sending love and light to the family during this difficult time.


Jessica Geib posted on 2/12/21

Words can’t begin to describe how much Paul meant to my family. We love him dearly and life will never be the same. Having Paul in our lives was an incredible gift, and we will forever cherish our memories with him.


Shammara Oglesby posted on 2/12/21

My sincerest condolences for your loss. I pray you find comfort and peace knowing that Paul lived a life full of love and perseverance as described in his obituary. Cherish those sweet memories.



Lonney Cook posted on 2/11/21

Please accept my sincerest condolences for your loss. Paul was a kind man who was a blessing to our family. Praying your memories of him bring you comfort during this difficult time.



Bob and Dot Earle posted on 2/11/21

Sorry for your loss