Condolences for Edward J. Stevens

Jon Taie posted on 3/6/21

His guidance on what we can do is wonderful and true. The Taie family didn't have many close people within our family and it is a true thing to find support that shows we are all in it together. Everyone impacts others in ways that can't be presumed. Know that you helped those around you by being yourself.


Karren Wood posted on 3/1/21

I spent a lot of time at the Stevens' home growing up in Aiken. They treated me like one of the family. Mr. Stevens always had a smile for me - and a story too, of course. He was one of the most genuine people I've ever known, and I am grateful for the memories. He was an important part of my life.


Samuel Townsend posted on 2/28/21

Opa was an amazing grandfather and role model when I was growing up. I give him credit for my fascination with space and science, and I’ve always thought what he did in his life was the coolest thing ever. My favorite specific memory of him was when he taught me how to play marbles, and would always play that with me when I was little. Opa always gladly gave up his time to be an awesome grandfather, and I was never bored when he was around. He would tell us all these incredible stories, like how he worked on the Surveyor and the different places he lived and worked. Though I know Opa is in a better place, I still miss him with all my heart and continue to keep his memory alive through these special moments we experienced together. Love you, Opa!


Michael Grieco posted on 2/23/21

Ed was the brother I never had in my family. From hosting Judy and I during during our honeymoon visit in 1972 to the long conversations during my recent visits to Aiken, I always enjoyed being around him and hearing his stories of work in the space program. He was a unique and unforgettable individual. He will be sorely missed. Rest in well deserved peace.


Linda Bawcom posted on 2/20/21

So glad to have spent some time in your presence on our beloved bay for “Friday night Beach” gatherings, our Beach family that all of the Bawcom’s love. Prayers for all.


Jay Dagenhart posted on 2/19/21

Uncle Ed was probably the most brilliant man that I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I know that I worried the mess out of him as a child asking a million questions in his garage. He was always developing or designing something in the garage and I thought I was helping but in hind sight uncle Ed always just "tolerated" me and let me hang around. I have always been fascinated when he told me about the lunar projects he worked on with NASA. He intellect and wit inspired me to want to make something of myself one day. Even as I grew up he always seemed interested in what I was doing and where we were living. I am so glad I got to see one last time this summer in Virginia Beach at Shannon's house. I love you Uncle Ed and miss you my friend!!


Lisa Wingate posted on 2/18/21

I'm so sad to hear that our dear Ed is no longer with us. He was such a blessing in my life all these years. I so enjoyed knowing him and working with him, but never more than when he lent his (and your) history at the Cape to Dandelion Summer. He was a fine gentleman, a good friend, and a rare breed. I have so many of his stories floating around in my head. They never fail to bring a smile. What a good world it would be if we all left behind that sort of legacy with the people who cross our path in life.


Shannon Townsend posted on 2/18/21

Shannon’s Memories: feeding the ducks on a pond or river in Newport News, watching he and his friend Ron Reeves lug a bulky 1960s console TV into the house and watching the first person walk on the moon; putting together a Heathkit stereo in about 1973 that still worked when they moved from their Aiken, SC house in 2019; visits to Clemson at his grandmother (Grance’s) house and walks through the woods at George’s property; how much he loved Huckleberry; walks behind our Aiken, SC house and in the Hitchcock woods; making snow cream (snow, vanilla) any time we’d get a dusting; when he learned that I wanted to move to Hawaii after college, writing his senator (Strom Thurmond) who wrote a letter of introduction for me that got me my first job out of college with the Navy, endless get rich quick schemes (real estate, fire alarms, Amway, Herbalife, Rexall); the importance of nutrition and exercise (in the 1970s). He was a gentle soul and was a huge positive influence in my life.


Lisa Trainor posted on 2/18/21

Opa and Oma have been an extension of our family since we met some 20 years ago. Our lives were truly enriched hearing about their many adventures and after reading this memorial I can honestly say that I had no idea the extent of Ed’s amazing contributions to space technology and science. He was so humble and soft spoken and his curiosity and hunger for knowledge were inspiring. When we got together for meals it was always fun to see Opa especially enjoy the dessert course! He was a great help to me narrowing down my search for the “perfect chocolate chip cookie” recipe as an official taste tester this past year. Our family will always remember him fondly and he will be missed. Enjoy the view from above.


Thomas Carey posted on 2/17/21

So sorry to hear of Ed's passing. I enjoyed many Savannah River Site work encounters with Ed for about 14 years before his retirement. After his retirement, our group of SRS compatriots enjoyed many weekly lunches at Crossroads Cafe. Ed could always be counted on to provide a new theory about something. He was always a very good friend and will be greatly missed.


David. Patterson posted on 2/16/21

Sorry to hear about Ed’s passing. He and I were the same age and grew up together in the community of Calhoun near Clemson. We spent many hours hunting and fishing together with his brothers Allen and Bobby. This was way before Lake Hartwell was built so we roamed the banks of the Keowee River and the Twelve Mile River. Our favorite fishing holes were Long Pond off of the Keowee River and Brickyard Pond a swampy pond near the Twelve Mile River. We went on many camping trips together in the woods surrounding these rivers. Ed and I finished Daniel High together in 1956 being among the first graduates of this new consolidated school. I remember when Ed use to take apart those radios and other items just to see how they worked. He had many interests and was curious about everything. He often fixed our fisfung reels if they did not work properly. Ed will surely be missed and I regret not seeing much of him since we both finished Clemson. I did go down to Florida many years ago and visit him and Marie briefly while he was working at Cape Canaveral.


Anthony Grieco posted on 2/16/21

Uncle Ed was one of a kind. For me, being around him was a glorious mixture of entertainment, learning and great fun. In my younger years, Uncle Ed was more myth than real to me. My Mom, would share stories about adventures of them growing up and all the trouble he used to get into taking things apart. We would usually see flashes of him at Grandmother’s house on a visit to Clemson. We’d come up to visit and there would be a big family meal. Uncle Ed would be the first in line for the food, first one done and first out the door to head home. Legend. In more recent years, his visits lasted longer and I’m grateful for it. He took to sharing of stories about his days at NASA, his secret remedy for any alement that involved black walnuts soaked in vodka, and had a penchant for conspiracy theories involving oil companies and other large enterprises. Every time I was around him, I both learned and laughed. His love of animals was well documneted but the story that stands out to me is him putting pine needles in the bird bath so the insects that fell in could get out safely. Who thinks of that? I’m sorry for your loss. He will be missed.



Halley Townsend posted on 2/15/21

Opa always believed I could be a famous novelist. As a little kid who loved to read, that was my answer to the "what do you want to be when you grow up" question. It aligned with his adventurous soul: be a novelist and you can write anywhere. I'm doing the lawyer thing for now, but I'll never say never to becoming a writer because of him. I remember playing with Opa as a young child in various rocky streams and creeks in central Virginia and South Carolina. Opa loved the Peaks of Otter lodge in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, which is coincidentally pretty close to where I’m in law school now. We watched any movie that came out about space. We also shared a great love of seafood and enjoyed eating it together any time we were both at the beach. I will miss him.



Marielle C posted on 2/15/21

In loving memory of Opa


Bonnie Dagenhart posted on 2/15/21

Ed had one of the most brilliant minds I have ever known. He loved his family very much. I can honestly say our family was richly blessed to have him as a member . Rest in peace Ed. Prayers to all the family