Condolences for Jennifer Lynn Kinzie

Courtney Cowan posted on 6/25/21

You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Residency will not be the same without you.


Avneet Himebaugh posted on 6/1/21

Oh Jennifer no wonder I stopped hearing back from you! My son received an email about the terrible news just yesterday. My heart grieves the loss deeply my dear friend. I miss you so much. My son and I were lucky to have met you. You were a breath of fresh air in the world of counseling. Your spirit radiated genuine empathy, understanding, love & kindness for not just for my son who struggles with substance use disorder but even for me as his mother. You understood me as well & treated me with compassion unlike some of the other judgmental professionals I’ve encountered along the way in our family’s journey with addiction. Jennifer you were light years ahead of other professionals in the field of addiction & many of them will be doing great service by following your light path. You will always be in my heart & I will remember you fondly. Thanks for working with my son and helping us be allies in his recovery. Love you Jennifer! May your children be be blessed!


Stephen Greene posted on 4/27/21

She was awesome to have around and I have a lot of memories with her!


Dwayne McDonald II posted on 3/6/21

Hey jen it still to unreal to process your gone on this earth. I'm gonna miss are talks and so many others will also. you touched pepole anywhere you ever went. I dont have to explain how amazing you are... I'll miss your crazy butt till we see each other agian in the outer dimensions of this world. I hope time will be easier as time goes on and I no I'll see you on the flipside thanks for the many years of the enjoyment of jenifer



Kristina tate posted on 3/4/21

You will be missed tremendously, really could have used some advice the other night but I talked to you in my own way and believe you heard me. You will always be in my heart RIP beautiful angel


Scott posted on 3/2/21

Jen will be missed by so many...My heart goes out to her family .R.I.P


Jason Donahue posted on 3/1/21

Sorry for your loss



Ella posted on 3/1/21

As a patient/student of Jennifers, there are so many memories we share. The last time I saw her she gave me a bag full of goodies for valentines day. I thought I was only supposed to pick one thing out of the bag at first, but she then told me it was all for me. We then hugged, and later she sent me a text on how she was proud of my improvement with my family. I told her in response that she was the best therapist I've ever had. She was a selfless person, always wanting to make everyone happy. She changed my life forever, she was one of the only person who I could truly trust. She never made me feel judged or unwelcome, she was a genuine person and I could tell throughout my time spent talking to her. There is so much more I could say about her my minds just all over the place right now. I miss her greatly and I hope she's watching over all of us.


Your Sister, Shannon Kinzie posted on 2/28/21

I love you and I'm so sorry I couldn't say goodbye



Jason Roberts posted on 2/28/21

You will be missed by all you always were a beautiful soul and had a great heart.


Renee and mike posted on 2/27/21

Jen you will always be remembered for that beautiful smile you have i just hope you are at peace and i truly know your back with your daddy and you will both watch over your kids your family and your friends you may be gone but you will never be firgotten i love you R.I.P. beautiful


C H posted on 2/27/21

I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear love one. May you find comfort and peace in God’s promise to swallow up death forever and wipe the tears from all faces. Isaiah 25:8 Condolences


James Lael posted on 2/27/21

I was only your patient for a few weeks but you gave me so much hope. You made me feel more than what others ever saw me as. I'm grateful I was able to see your light, benefit from it, and how much you loved and wanted to help people like me. I send love to your family. I send love to you and know you're at peace.


Holly hammond posted on 2/27/21

May you rest in so much peace ☮️ jen u always made everyone smile u we’re like a ray of sunshine ☀️ I’m glad I got to have memories with you always smiling to no limits u touched so many peoples lives may you rest in so much peace ✌️ YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN ....



Audrey & Bob Delahunt posted on 2/26/21

Jennifers beautiful loving light will always be remembered by those of us she touched.


The Toppel Family - Jen, Scott, Ella & Simone posted on 2/26/21

Jennifer was special to our entire family. The words above do not even begin to describe how important she was to us. She mattered.


Eliesha posted on 2/26/21

Thank you Jen for being a light when times were very dark in my life. That young and beautiful pink tipped haired girl walked through my door and I never thought it would be her to touch and teach me so much. See I looked up to you and even when u weren’t talking directly to me I would listen and hear your lessons! Smile and bring us light on these days of sorrow. Hug us from that spirit place you are and help us keep learning the lessons of life we all need at times! Whisper in our ears and let us all know u will always be right here with us! Until we meet again my teacher and friend!



Jessica L King posted on 2/26/21

May you shine brighter than you ever have sweet cousin