Condolences for Lois Thompson

Curt Senft posted on 8/19/21

Ms. Thompson was a wonderful teacher at Slippery Rock University. She meant so much to her students, much more than she realized, I’m sure. She had a kind heart, and she really cared for her students. It was her classes that kept me interested in Public Health and her suggestion that I apply to CDC after graduation that led to my life-long career helping others. Thank you, Ms. Thompson! Memories of your caring style of teaching and your gentleness and patience as a person have remained with me now 40 years later. Rest now in peace, well done.


Nona Thompson posted on 5/19/21

Was wanting to call and chat with Mom tonight. About the woodpecker and the hummingbirds and about spring colors. Talk about news and bemoan all things ugly in this world. Face so she could see her litter mate Kaiser and hear her talk about her memories singing a song and hearing her music in the background “ oh I love this song...ok I gotta go pee,talk tomorrow”.


M Gerard Thompson posted on 5/13/21

I miss my Mom so much! She was a “tough cookie”, as almost everyone who met her would attest. She held the bar so high that many times I walked away because I knew there simply was no way I could jump that high. But she was my Mom, and over the past two years when her health began to rapidly decline, she became my closest friend. I lived with her at her retirement community through the COVID lockdown. When we weren’t arguing about ridiculous matters I can no longer even recall, we would sit together on the couch watching West Wing on Netflix. We binged the entire series. It took us about 6 weeks, and we had amazing conversations spurred by the content of that unforgettable series. I was so fortunate to have had that time with her! It was worth every slammed door, mean-spirited insult and hurt feeling. I hope she would say the same thing, because I am most definitely the pot to her kettle. I love and miss you, Mom. If I made any grammatical or spelling errors here, please try not to dwell on them.


Kelly neely posted on 4/29/21

I love mrs Lois I did her pedicure and my son use to take her trash out I am going to miss u


Nancy Baker posted on 4/29/21

Lois was an INCREDIBLE neighbor and WONDERFUL friend to my Mother, Jeane Baker. Lois enjoyed playing bridge with her regular Thursday evening ladies. I will never forget her helping my Mother after suffering a heart attack at home. She was the first responder at her home, keeping her calm , as well as me! Lois certainly was instrumental in the grass roots operation of the SRVFD, providing instruction and teaching many in first aid and beyond. Our community emergency service of volunteers saved many lives being trained in life saving measures! Thank you, Lois, for being a WONDERFUL neighbor and community volunteer!