Condolences for Esterene Thomas

Hope Wharton posted on 8/19/21

Releasing of grandma’s ashes


Blanquita Thomas Musawwir posted on 7/5/21

MY MOTHER INLAW WAS ONE OF A KIND. FEARLESS,INTELLIGENT,TIRELESS ,always looking for ways to better herself, truly a go getter. Ester First love was her one son Charles Jr. But her proudest time in her life was living for her grandchildren , and being with the apple of her eye in her most vulnerable years, thanks to my daughter and son in law for making the alternate sacrifices in caring for her when she needed them most I known she knew she was blessed. Thank you for the love that nobody else could give. In case we didn't say it enough YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER WHO WAS THE APPLE OF YOUR EYE WAS TRULY A GIFT FROM JEHOVAH. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING HER WHEN ALL IS NEW. MY DEEPEST CONDOLENCES.