Condolences for Linda Susan Miller Schonk

Gail Dorman posted on 9/9/21

Dear Robby, Susan and Peter, I just found out your Mom passed (sept 9) I am so sorry for your loss, she was a wonderful friend to me!


Susan Burton posted on 8/1/21

Thank you all so much for the love and support over the past week. We are grateful for having so many wonderful friends and family to share memories with. Thank you for the meals and the flowers- some did not included names but I hope you know how much it all meant to us. We miss you mommy.



Jean Huggins posted on 7/30/21

I remember my first-cousin-once-removed, Linda, as a fierce mom and proud Grandmom most of all. She loved kids and I loved the lovely lilt in her voice when she would say the name my family called me and show me her smile whenever I would get to see her. My granddaughter and I had a lovely visit with her while she was recovering from her heart problems and she addressed Vedah in a way that made her feel included in our conversations, even though Vedah was very young at the time. The teacher in Linda was always looking for ways to make children feel special and I greatly admired that about her. My condolences to the entire family and I regret that I am unable to attend her Memorial as I am in Texas at this time. God bless you all and give you His peace!


Tony Kazulen posted on 7/29/21

What a sweet sweet lady, mom, grandmother and friend. My heart is torn on the passing of Ms Schonk. I know she is in the arms of Rob and they are smiling upon all of you I love you all...


Jimmie Miller posted on 7/29/21

Aunt Linda was the one to keep us together after the loss of mom and dad. Her home was always the place for us to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas. She never once opposed to our family football craving. Linda always opened her heart to all of us. We know you are together with Uncle Rob. We love you.


Jill Keifer posted on 7/29/21

I knew Linda when she attended Royster Church. She was a loving, kind person who always had a smile. I have missed her for so long. I would like to communicate with the children if they would leave an address on my email. I will post her obituary on the church weekly email blurbs and in the next Royster newsletter. May she rest in peace.



Barbara Morgan (Sister) posted on 7/28/21

Linda, my baby sister, as a 5 year old walked 3 blocks by herself to the school I was in to find me. One of my classmates started laughing and the whole class including the teacher stopped teaching and we looked out the window and a little girl grinning and knocking on the window. It was little miss Linda wanting to see her sister. I was able to go outside and get her and bring her in so I could call our mother. Mom wasn’t very happy. I think she was more scared than anything. Mom walked to the school to get Linda crying. When I got home Linda look to be so proud of herself that she went to school.