Condolences for Marvin D. Elam

Diane Rigsby posted on 8/19/21

"I am deeply saddened my dear friend to just learn of your passing. We shared so much over the past 24 years together while doing your hair. Every 4 weeks sharing our stories of happiness, joy, love, sicknesses and sadness. We have been through a lifetime together. We have grown older together. We have laughed, cried and prayed together. I am so thankful to have had you in my life. I miss you already so much! I know you are singing with the angels and saying to all of them in that voice… “how you doin?” I love you!"


Blaine and Phyllis Sidle posted on 8/10/21

We only knew Dwaine for such a relative short time from his marriage to our nephew Lynn. Dwaine was so charming, funny, and considerate especially on visits to the outer banks. He was always anxious to share his interest in their antique collections and beautiful home gardens. He will be sadly missed by so many but may he rest in peace, pain and illness free. May God bless you Dwaine. Blaine and Phyllis.


Bob Bruce posted on 8/9/21

I will truly miss my dear friend, Dwaine. He was a gentle soul, a comedian, and m y closest confidant. I have never had a closer friend. We shared sorrow and pain as well as fun, happy times. I doubt that I will have a better friend for the remainder of my life. Please rest in peace, I loved you as well as many of your friends. I will think of you often. Bob


Dawn Sterling posted on 8/7/21

I am going to miss you Dwaine. You were always kind, caring, and giving. I pray that God will give your family and friends the peace and comfort they need in knowing that your are in a new healthy body and are landscaping heaven.


Deborah Hudson posted on 8/7/21

Thoughts and prayers for a great family during this difficult time. Love to all, Bob and Deborah Hudson


Jean and Larry Sidle posted on 8/7/21

We have known Marvin, as Dwayne, for 20 years. He was the most friendly kind person we have ever known, The many times we spent with him we will remember forever. The good times here and on the islands, and the bad times we spent here with him during his illnesses. The memories will be cherished.


Rose Mary Johnson posted on 8/6/21

In the short time Marvin was my neighbor I come to enjoy his kindness. Marvin had become a friend and I will miss him. May God Bless him and his family.


Claus Ihlemann & Robert Roman posted on 8/6/21

Dwayne was an amazing person and will be missed. Our sincere condolences to Family and Friends. We will keep you in our thoughts and close to our hearts during this challenging time. Fondly, Claus & Robert


Ashleigh Ford posted on 8/5/21

"Say not in grief 'he is no more' but in thankfulness that he was." -Hebrew Proverb


Chris Sponseller posted on 8/3/21

Marvin was one of the nicest, most sweet men I have ever known. He was always more worried about others happiness and bringing beauty in to this ugly world. I will miss him with all my heart. Love You brother


Dave Stake posted on 8/3/21

I only knew Marvin for a brief time, but in that short time it was evident he was a kind man. It seems life is too short to pass up opportunities of kindness.