Condolences for Sakara Kemilla

kelley and Vencel posted on 9/3/21

Dear Sakara, I am shocked to see you have moved on from this life. I am so Grateful for the Healing and Love you poured into my family and The Blessing you are and Forever will be. Thank you for your Presence in our lives. Wishing U Blessed and Peaceful Journeys We are wishing all your grieving Loved Ones Peace. Infinite Love, k&V


Jessica Valoris posted on 8/23/21

Nana Sakara has had a profound impact on my spiritual journey, and has supported me and my family along our healing journey. I met Nana Sakara in 2016 as part of the SoulShifting community. Nana Sakara was incredibly generous in sharing her gifts, lessons, and wisdoms with us, and holding space for transformative spiritual growth and care. May her memory be a blessing.


Cheryl Hendrickson posted on 8/23/21

Throughout the years she has been my spiritual mother, my guiding light, my teacher, my student and my friend. She expanded me beyond my own imagination and her ability to balance between worlds was nothing short of miraculous. I am so grateful for the time we shared, the lessons I’ve learned, the moments she left for me to cherish. I feel her presence and it makes me smile, knowing that her continues to shine in all ways and forever. I love you Supattana, keep rising and shining. Eternal Blessings, Cheryl Hendrickson Jones


Adenike posted on 8/21/21

Tua Neter for your incarnation, Mut Sakara. I never had the honor of meeting you, but I felt the presence and impact of your work through my sister, Amani. Tua for blessing the world by demonstrating what it means to live a Divine life, Maakh Heru. May the Ancestors welcome you with open arms, and may all those whose lives you touched continue to glow with the love you shared. You presence with us will be missed, Mut Saka Ra. Heartfelt condolences to all.


claudio orso posted on 8/21/21

feeling so grateful for meeting You, feeling Your Love, witnessing Your Teachings: toward the One


aesha rasheed posted on 8/21/21

feeling such profound gratitude for the life and blessings of Nana Sakara Kemilla. thank you for sharing your personal genius with me and our community and for witnessing my personal genius and giving me tools to hone and tend to my gifts. thank you for helping me ancestralized my beloved family and for holding my hand in times of profound grief. i learned so much both from your teachings and from observing you as a spiritual being living a very human experience. i carry those lessons with me daily as i seek to be my most elevated self. may you find welcome, warmth and healing as you ascend to the village of the light anscestors. love to you and all who held you in love and care. may we all remember you laughing, dancing and spreading light.



Lillian lewis posted on 8/21/21

Gone too soon your spiritual saying and your beliefs I met you a few months ago and your personality made me felt welcome I will miss you


Alleyha Dannett posted on 8/21/21

My dearest Nana Sakara, My Gemini Queen. I love you. I love you dearly. Thank you. For all you’ve ever been, for all the choices you made, for incarnating at this time and letting us align in love and clarity. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for your vision. Thank you for your heart. Thank you for everything. I love you. May your ascension be blissful, Mary we honor you always and feel your essence and wisdom vibrate in love and fortification all around us. I LOVE You. You are so so so SOL SOUL LOVED GODIS. I love you.



Tereza Iniguez Flores posted on 8/21/21

May the light of your spirit shine on us always! May you find your way home with beauty, grace and love!


Tereza Iniguez Flores posted on 8/21/21

Nana Sakara, you opened up a door that help build my community with beautiful spirits. You trusted in me as I trusted in you and I thank you for allowing me to see you and all your beauty!


Jimi Smith posted on 8/21/21

Nana Sakara Thank you for your Grace and Wise insight. Your guidance has allowed me to grow. I will miss you


Rebecca Mwase posted on 8/21/21

Your light will be missed greatly. Thank you for all your love, care, teaching, mentor ship, clarity, protection and guidance. I learned so much from you and I am eternally grateful. May your ascend gracefully, peacefully and powerfully!


Dorothy Hendrickson posted on 8/21/21

I met Sakara after she moved to Phoenix. She had so much to offer and so much that she was willing to share with others. What a wealth of knowledge I enjoyed our friendship thank you for your sharing, your wisdom and I hope you are at peace.



Lillian lewis posted on 8/21/21

Nana we met with love the time cut too short you will be miss from my learning and your words of wisdom


Mystique Sylvia Johnson posted on 8/21/21

Peace and Blessings to you my Wonderful and long time Friend and soul\ sister. I love you and look forward to continuing to receive your ever present Spirit in my life. Divine Love, Light as you Transcend to your next Destiny.


K. Akua Gray posted on 8/21/21

Sending the energies of light and love. We will you peace in all your memories of your beloved Nana Sakara.



Dorothy Hendrickson posted on 8/21/21

It was enlightening meeting you Sakara. I enjoyed your friendship, your wisdom, you will be remembered.


Almas Haider posted on 8/21/21

Beloved Nana Sakara, my gratitude to you is endless. Thank you for bestowing your wisdom, love, healing, and understanding to our family. All of our love, and my deepest thanks dear Teacher.


Cathie Wright-Lewis posted on 8/21/21

Eternal love and light dearest SakaRA! Thank you for your wisdom, guidance and love. We knew each other before we met and we will continue to know in spirit. Namaste! I love you. Soar to the highest!


Jenny Simons posted on 8/21/21

Thank you Sakara for allowing me your friendship and guidance through these many years. Soar now in the universe. Your teachings are in my heart for a lifetime.



Vana posted on 8/21/21

I will miss you Sakara and will remember your wise insights and guidance you have given me.


Jade Easton posted on 8/21/21

Sakara....I met you only 8 months ago but when I first looked into your eyes...I knew I had known you for lifetimes. Your gentle way of supporting everyone you touched, touched my heart, opening it to a larger sphere of grace and beauty. The realms of angels are so happy to be dancing with you again. Until next time dear friend.



Tani posted on 8/21/21

Beloved Sakara, thank you for your healing and love you gave so graciously to countless people and their communities. I will love you forever. Blessings and eternal gratitude. Sending heartfelt condolences to the wonderful men she raised so lovingly. ✨



Taniya posted on 8/21/21

Peace, Love & Light Nana Sakara! I am forever grateful for our connection and your wisdom.


LisaTedeschi posted on 8/20/21

Sakara has been a profound guide in my journey. Her wisdom, skill, commitment and open heart touched me deeply and leaves a space in my life. So much... travel in blessing and peace dear sister.


Becky Grupe posted on 8/20/21

Our time together was short but sweet and I'm grateful for that time. I know you are keeping an eye on us and are very much still with us in our hearts. Sending love and light to all that love you.


Gabriel Joshua Gima posted on 8/20/21

I met Sakara a few years ago for the very first time and clearly remember that she needed to hug me. When I embraced her, I felt a vulnerability open up inside of me in a way I had never known was valuable or possible. I felt held. To hold someone with acknowledgment to a higher power brought us to a place that allowed the experience of love to be redefined. Sakara brought me back to where I came from before interruptions got in the way of true purpose. She healed me in mighty ways and I feel her right next to me just like i did before. No difference. Love you Sakara!


Angelica Mercado posted on 8/20/21

Nana Sakara, with your guidance and immense knowledge I have been able to find my inner goddess and bring into fruition a beautiful life. On behalf of Giovanni, a godson, we appreciate every moment you have shared with us. We are grateful you were introduced to our lives and hold you highly in our hearts. We celebrate your existence through all the daily rituals we have developed. We honor you greatly.


JB posted on 8/20/21

I will miss you Nana Sakara. I will our miss our conversations and your insight to the different parts of our world that other people don’t see or feel. I know you are now going home and continuing the next part of your journey. Thank you for your energy that will always be with me in my mind and spirit.


Brooke Gregory posted on 8/19/21

I will remember Nana Sakara’s kindness, the way she listened with more than her ears and the warm hugs she always extended to me. I am eternally grateful to have known and been helped and guided by her. I send sincere thanks to her family and those who loved her the most, for the time you shared her with the rest of the world. I will think of her when the sun rises each morning to touch my skin.


Valerie “Olu” Gardner posted on 8/19/21

Nana Sakara, my Spiritual Mother…I will miss her Grace, Insight and the Love she gave so freely…


Amoniyah posted on 8/19/21

Blessings to you Nana for being a pillar of knowledge and wisdom to me and other sisters.


Akua N. Ishangi posted on 8/19/21

"Nana Sakara, An African woman of class, intellect and spirituality. Your phenomenal contributions to cultural enlightenment is your legacy to so, so many. Your gentle encouragement and steadfast support lives on in our hearts. Thank you Nana Sakara. Thank you for being authentically you, and thank you for sharing your wisdom and love. You have earned your ancestral throne. Sit upon it in love and light. Peace & harmony, Akua Ishangi & the Ishangi Family"


Akua N Ishangi posted on 8/19/21

Love & Light Dear Friend


Brucella Jordan posted on 8/10/21

Sakara, you have been my friend, my spiritual sister, my lifelong companion on so many levels for over fifty years. It is difficult to picture my life without you in it. Yet, I still feel your presence and I know you are there, just as we always sensed each other. I will truly miss you, but I know that you are where you are supposed to be; shedding knowledge and helping where needed. Safe and happy future journeys my beloved sister / friend.


Kwabena Slaughter posted on 8/10/21

Dear Beloved Sakara, You are the mother of my soul. I meditated with you. I traveled to Africa with you. I slept on your floor when I had no job. I repaired your front door on S. Professor Street. We bought matching shoes. I still have your first set of Aura-Soma bottles. Through the Reiki you taught me I was able to restore the eyesight of my aging grandma. Merely being in your presence was a gift from God. I wish you a safe journey home. I'm so sad to now be so far away from you. I wish you a safe and peaceful journey home.



Suzanne Gregg posted on 8/10/21

Sakara, there is one new star in the night sky tonight. Your work here is done, yet you still Light the Way! Thank you. Many Blessings.


Dr. Amanda Kemp posted on 8/9/21

Nana Sakara you are the tip of the spear. Your aim is sure and true. All speed and strength to you as you carry out your mission. We are grateful for your lifetime(s) of service. May you experience joy and accept our adoration. Amen.



Jonny posted on 8/7/21

Much love and gratitude to you, Nana Sakara! Thank you for everything. May you have a safe and swift return to The Ancestors!



Hzal Anubewei posted on 8/6/21

My spiritual sister since 1968. An original founding member of The Community Commune Cleveland, Ohio. The joy of sharing and learning, the experience of awakening to/on the spiritual path. Sakara was an original trail blazer sharing light wherever she was. Living In the moment from the day I met her. Our journey though separated by earthly miles was never more than a thought away. Peace and Blessings and of course we still have other roads to travel. All that have come with us delight in the light we share.



Tanya Zangaglia posted on 8/3/21

Sakara. Thank you for your Wisdom and Light. Your SEEING. I am grateful for the time you spent on earth and look forward to your continued presence amongst the STARS...Peace and Love, Tanya Ijala



Jenny Simons posted on 8/2/21

Sakara is a dear friend for 24 years. She has been a treasured colleague, body and soul mentor. She lived a life full of wisdom, grace, honor, bravery, and courage. Soar now dear spirit.


Lynn Young posted on 8/1/21

Blessings and Love to you Nana Sakara. Thank you for your wisdom, knowledge, guidance and support over the years. May you continue to fly high. Your Student-Lynn Young



Karen Clark-Keys posted on 7/31/21

So glad you are finally able to rest! Be at peace. REST in peace.



J. Phoenix posted on 7/31/21