Condolences for Jerold Porter Register, Jr.

Rob & Leslie Crumpler posted on 8/29/21

We loved the times spent with Jay, Linda and little Jay. We remember going to a party there to watch Brazil play in the world cup, Christmas dinner with them at Deise and Paul Ottey's house ,and so many others. I still have the bracelet Jay gave me for my birthday. We love them, and our hearts are broken for Jay's passing.


Capt David Callis posted on 8/21/21

Jay and I worked up north on our tugs and barges. I was a captain and he was a barge engineer. To keep things light and fun he always called me Batman on the radio and I called him Blue Falcon. He did an awesome job on the barge. Jay really was at home in the galley. I have never seen anyone so natural at anything in my life! I pray the Good Lord will share his peace and comfort with Jay's much beloved wife and son and all of his family and friends.


Jeneen, Xavier and Lewis Selden posted on 8/20/21

Mr. Register will be sadly missed! ❤️We have been neighbors for many years, I will miss listening to his music in his backyard around the pool and miss his sweet smile and joyful spirit. Rest in peace sir, well done.


William Rogers posted on 8/20/21

Jaybird was most certainly one of a kind...and I have no doubt that right at this moment he's standing out at the end of a pier at Shallotte Point--well, the Heavenly version of it!--with his hat on and a grin from ear to ear. Up the steps a bit Mr. Jerry is frying fish and Ms. Cathy is in the kitchen whipping up some delicious coleslaw and a variety of other fixins'. Magnus is not too far away and steps over to check on Mr. Jerry's fish frying and tells Jay to check out the oyster beds. God bless you Jay for your big heart and wonderful sense of humor! My sincere condolences to you Linda, Nadson, Lisa, Chris, Erik and the Register family. May God bless and comfort you all at this sad moment. And Jaybird, I can't help but to imagine that we'll all be seeing you not too far down the road my friend...and save us some of those fish! Godspeed, W. Rogers Stewart, TN


Jameelah posted on 8/20/21

I just met you while handling business with you. You were kind and funny. Rest In Peace


Worlise Knowles posted on 8/19/21

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Register off and on as a shipmate!. He always had jokes and was funny!. Jay was always cooking up something breakfast, lunch, dinner! . Jay was a great shipmate and will be missed dearly by others!! Sorry for the loss and my condolences to his family and friends! R.I.P. Jay Register!!!


David Harris posted on 8/19/21

I worked with Jay for 18 years or so. He could cook about anything and enjoyed it. He was always in a good mood most of the time. He would help do anything. We would drink coffee every morning together while we were onboard the tugboat for our 21 days. He would always talk about his wife, and wouldn’t be long calling her if we had service. He was so proud of his son, his job he had and the house he had just purchased. He would always tell me about his dog missing him so bad when he came to work. Now we will all miss him, so enjoy every minute of life and get your heart and soul right with GOD! Love you Brother!