Condolences for Nestor Agahan Lunasin


Elmer Duran Lunasin posted on 8/27/21

After all this time, saying “Uncle” Nestor for the go-to traditional sign of respect from my past, I have to always remember saying “Kuya”. You see, my father's father's brother's son's son is Nestor A. "Lunahsin". Simply put, my grandfather, Graciano ‘Tanong’, "Lunahsin" Sr., and Nestor Sr.’s grandfather, Laureano ‘Anong’ "Lunahsin", are brothers. I’ve always respected their side of the family when pronouncing "Lunahsin", whereas I’ve been used to “Loonasin” since coming to America in the first grade. Tomato “Tomahto”. As you can see on our 3 sites, Tribal Pages, My Heritage and Ancestry, our families are forever connected no matter how you say it. If it wasn’t for my dad in the 70’s to bring us to your home, and also visiting New Jersey back then, I would never have become familiar with our families. My early memories in 1975 visiting your home many times got me familiar with those karaoke oldies, as well as those 45s that got me even more curious in music, that my dad had also collected living in Norfolk during those back in my junior high school days. My father, Ricardo Rebullar "Lunahsin" 1936-1980, and now Nestor Agahan "Lunahsin" 1938 - 2021 are two I looked up to, that continued the "Lunahsin" legacy even though we’ve extended in two generation lines. Ate Myrna, I hope to never forget what our families have instilled in me in maintaining our connection as a family. His generousity, especially his time spent in the food service he prepared for my mother’s 60th birthday in 1995, was done without hestitation. Without sounding too redundant, I hope the rest of us will continue to love, honor and respect one another here as we continue our lives. I did not speak at dad’s wake and funeral in 1980, because I could not and did not accept it. Along with all our past families, you are with dad now. I wish I had the right words then and now, but just know I will never forget YOU, Kuya Nestor.


Rizal Calampiano posted on 8/25/21

We deeply mourn Kuya Nestor's passing . He was a genuinely kind, caring person, and played all his roles to his best. He always had the kindest intention when dealing with anyone, and wanted the best for his loved ones and all the people he dealt with. As a brother-in-law, he was the same - caring, thoughtful, kind. I and my family will miss Kuya Nestor a lot. We pray for the eternal repose of his soul and pray for God's guidance for my sister Ate Myrna, Jun, Mike & Elann and his siblings especially at this most difficult time. - Rizal , Ruby and kids.


Francis Astilla posted on 8/25/21

Extending my deepest condolences to Uncle Nestor and family. I am an married to his Niece, Jeanette Lunasin Astilla. My fondest memories of the few times we visited were the multitude of food always offered at their house and his good cooking. It was also the first time I ever met a highest ranking enlisted Petty Officer in the Military as he was a Master Chief in the Coast Guard. Because my career was in Finance and Banking, we often spoke about different investments and what stocks to buy. You will surely be missed. God gained another Angel


Eleanor & Paul Nolan posted on 8/25/21

We are sending our deepest condolences to the entire family of Nestor Lunasin. We will never forget his gentle smile and his kindhearted personality and all the fond family memories through the years.



Kris Lunasin posted on 8/23/21

I am so sorry for your loss. I will miss all of the life lessons Uncle Nestor would teach me, from how to fish/crab... how be respectful to my parents... to how to manage finances. One of my favorite memories is of when I told him how much I loved his fried chicken and he actually showed me how to make it. I will never be able to make it as great as he did, but will always think of him when I do. He has left a lasting imprint on my heart and I am grateful for having known him.


Tism Blackwell posted on 8/22/21

Myrna and family - I'm so very sorry for the loss of your Nestor. Thinking of you all - Tism


Cheryl J Skinner Tri-State Military Museum posted on 8/22/21

May the love of God surround you and your family during this difficult time, May you come to know that the love of God is with you always, May your memories of Nestor Agahan Lunasin, give you peace, comfort and strength… Rest now in the arms of our Lord your mission on earth is complete. I thank you for your service to our Country and my Freedom. You will not be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers to the family of …. US Coast Guard Veteran, Nestor Agahan Lunasin, is “A True American Hero” God Bless† † Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 †


Jun and Linda Voces posted on 8/22/21

Komadre and the Lunasin family, Please accept our most heartfelt sympathy and deep condolence in the loss of Parent Nestor. He was a wonderful friend and I will always miss his company. He was one of kind, he was honest, hardworking and he loved his family above all else dearly.


Ernie L. Gameng posted on 8/22/21

Rest-In-Peace with the Lord our God, Master Chief Lunasin. I enjoyed working with you at RTC Yorktown, VA. Bye Nestor my friend & mentor!


Elmer Lunasin posted on 8/20/21

My dad, Ricardo R. Lunasin 1936-1980, and now Nestor A. Lunasin 1938 - 2021, has instilled the Lunasin legacy to me forever. Kuya Nestor I will never forget your past advice and words of wisdom to me. Rest in Peace.



Elmer "Emer" Lunasin posted on 8/20/21

My dad, Ricardo R. Lunasin 1936-1980, and now Nestor A. Lunasin 1938 - 2021, has instilled the Lunasin legacy to me forever. Kuya Nestor I will never forget your past advice and words of wisdom to me. Rest in Peace.