Condolences for Angela Marie Hensen

Dan Neice posted on 9/3/21

People speak about what matters most to them in life... and Angie always spoke about her faith in God, her husband John, her 3 children, and her grandchildren!! Angie's family meant the world to her, and she would go on for hours speaking about how she wanted to better herself for John (her love and devotion to John was VERY evident!!) and how badly she desired to "be there" and help her children & grandchildren as much as humanly possible. Angie always spoke with great passion...and the reason was because her family WAS her passion! She devoted her life to being the best wife and mother possible... and I say "possible" because we all fall short, and Angie knew this. Nonetheless, she would muster up and give all that she could--shortcomings and all... Angie would always give the best that she had to give to her family, without hesitation! With Angie's family being without a doubt "The Number One" in her life.... There were two other "loves" that she would speak passionately and often about as well-- The Red Hats and Ballroom Dancing. Describing my memories of Angie would NOT be complete if I did not mention how much the Red Hats and Ballroom Dancing meant to her. It was not so much the organization or event that meant so much to her... It was the relationships and time she got to spend with the friends and loved ones associated with those activities. Numerous fond memories...(as well as "some" not-so-fond memories) ... were created while with The Red Hats and enjoying her time Ballroom Dancing. Memories that made her smile and laugh loudly when replaying them in her mind... and sharing them with me. I am going to miss Angie; HOWEVER, I will always remember her profound sense of humor... kindness... contagious laughter... and "The Model" she represented to me as to how we as people on earth should treat others--AND always attempt (to the best of our abilities) to deeply love & care for our spouse, children, and family. May your soul now rest Angie... We will see you soon enough, when we too get the privilege to join our Lord in heaven.


Carol Tippin posted on 9/3/21

Remember Angie from Red Hats, she was a remarkable person