Condolences for Katherina Olenik

Joyce Scarfo posted on 3/3/16


Taylor Swanson posted on 2/14/16

My Aunt Kate was always so good to me. She always made me feel so happy. She would come visit us and play cards with me for hours. I will miss her hugs and kisses. I love you Aunt Kate.


Lynn Swanson posted on 2/14/16

I love you Aunt Kate!


Lynn Swanson posted on 2/14/16

To my dearest Aunt Kate. She was more than an aunt to me; she was my second mom. She was always there for me. When my parents died and I was all alone, she would always invite me for every holiday. She would call me on my birthday to sing happy birthday to me. She never missed a one! When I met my husband, Mike, she welcomed him with open arms. She adored my children. I remember when I was in the hospital in pre-term labor with my first child, Connor, Aunt Kate and Vanessa drove from Hampton,VA to Philadelphia, PA on Thanksgiving day and brought the whole turkey dinner! Fixings and dessert! She would always come to watch Connor play baseball. She loved baseball! She was such a good support system for him. No matter if he pitched an outstanding game or not, she always praised him up and down. I have so many fond memories of Aunt Kate. Especially when she would dress up at Easter with her bonnet and Easter basket. And at Christmas when she would dress up as Mrs. Claus. To the family, Vanessa, Michael, Alice, Chris, Nick, Sarah and Niah. I hope it comforts you to know that Aunt Kate is up in heaven with Uncle Mike, he so adored her!, all of her family and friends. My mom and Aunt Kate were best buddies. They are probably up there singing to there favorite songs! I'm sorry I was unable to make the service but please understand I wanted to be there. Love to all.


Kathy Kama Thompson posted on 2/8/16

Auntie Kay was a wonderful woman. She was more than a godmother, she was everything. She always had a smile, a hug, a fun story when you saw her. Small in stature - gigantic in life. No one can ever replace her in this world, she was one of a kind. She will forever be in our hearts.


Cynthia posted on 2/8/16

Mrs. Kay Olenik, a petite woman who had a huge heart. She was a wonderful woman. I met her through her daughter Vanessa. I will remember her as the perfect mother, grandma, homemaker, baker, and host. Don't let me forget Mrs. Claus. I will miss her warm embrace.


Caitlin Betz posted on 2/8/16

Mrs. Kay was so caring and compassionate. I love looking back at pictures from when we lived in Hawaii and Mrs. Kay came to help look after my sisters and I. She was a very special lady and will be greatly missed.


Cindy & Rick Betz posted on 2/8/16

Ms. Kay holds a very special place in our hearts & memories. She welcomed us as backyard neighbors with open arms, smiles & love. She celebrated each day with a graciousness to share a happy smile, laughter, delicious meal (pieroges & stuffed cabbage rolls) & friendship! My favorite memory was when she flew over to Hawaii to help us with the birth of our son. She was a wonderful support, kept us laughing with her keen sense of humor & adventurous exploring the island with us. She was an inspiration to us to be open, welcoming & happy with those we meet. She will be greatly missed! A beautiful and special lady that was special to many people. She is blessed to be with God at this time. His gain and the world's loss. Peace & love ❤️


Hollee Lusk posted on 2/8/16

Mrs. Olenik was a beautiful, loving and kind person that I am greatful to have gotten to know through her daughter Vanessa. She reminded me so much of my late grandmother and great aunt's that I just enjoyed each time I had the opportunity to be around her. She will be fondly remember and greatly missed by all who had the privilege to know her. My condolences and prayers to Vanessa and the entire Olenik family.


Niah Olenik posted on 2/8/16

We all know that Gagy will be missed but alway's remember, never ever sqwish the sharmens. ;)


Janice & Neal Jones posted on 2/8/16

Ms. Kay always had the most wonderful smile and sense of humor. Her sweet demeanor and love for family & friends make me smile. She was such a blessing. Hugs and prayers to the family.


Pam Hyland posted on 2/7/16

I most remember Kay's (Mrs. Olenik to me) zest for life, her amazing pierogies, her volunteerism with the Girl Scouts with Karen Maika, and her kindness toward everyone. She will be missed...


Alice Olenik posted on 2/7/16

Gaggy, as she is known by family, was more than a mother-in-law to me. Over the past 41 years she has been a mother to me. I could not have asked for a better family to marry into and she was a great part of that. She will be missed by everyone. Rest in peace Gaggy. Love you. Alice Olenik