Condolences for Lieutenant Colonel William Orgain Harris III, USAF Retired

Gordon MacArthur posted on 3/16/16

My deepest condolences for your loss and appreciation for a life such as Bill's. Well lived, dedicated and honorable. We were privelidged to share time with this remarkable soul.


Les & Rosemary Sellers, 20th Company, USNA '59 posted on 3/15/16

Amy, my prayers and condolences are small offerings on Bill's passing. We were roommates and adventurers together. Rosemary and I will always carry fond memories of a true friend.


Mark Hettermann posted on 3/14/16

It is only appropriate that a pilot can't figure out this website......The guy was one for the ages. The girl complimented him in every way..... If there was a weakness, she was his strength...... My only regret is that life has seen us go down divergent paths. I have always been blessed by knowing both of you. Godspeed to "William Zero" and his partner...... His battle, your battle, is the stuff that challenges and inspires us all to never stop moving forward. Love, Mark


Uncle Irby & Aunt Sara posted on 3/14/16

In case the previous attempt failed, we are so sorry about Bill's passing, and wish we lived closer to to ya'll and other family. You are definitely in our prayers. Love


Uncle Irby & Aunt Sara posted on 3/14/16

Our only memories are his childhood and once at Bill IV and Michelle's here in Chattanooga. That was nice. We are so sorry about his passing; you folks are In our prayers.


Uncle Irby & Aunt Sara posted on 3/14/16

Amy, so sorry about Bill's passing. We wish we lived closer to you folks. We have you in our prayers. Love


Catherine Hogue--[Aunt Tag ] posted on 3/14/16

I am thinking of you and loving the care you gave Bill. He was a very special nephew. Love, Aunt Tag


Carl and Ruenelle Hickman posted on 3/14/16

The more enriched a person makes our lives, the harder it is for us to let them go. For this reason, I know that saying goodbye to Bill is the hardest sorrow to bear. I hope that the wonderful memories you have as well as the love and friendships around you , will support you through this time and help you smile once more


Martin and Lidia Wielechowski posted on 3/14/16

Amy, we are deeply saddened by the news of your loss. We pray that God will grant you the strength needed to get through this moment in your life. Our sincere condolences. Bill will be in out prayers.


Robert Noyce posted on 3/14/16

Amy, William, Michelle and children, very sad times for all. He was a big influence in my life, I will always remember him with great respect and happiness. From the Noyce family, our comforting thoughts for you all. And for us, happy recollections of Bill’s bearing in our lives.


Debbie Harmison White posted on 3/14/16

What a great and interesting life Bill had and I was so fortunate to work with him at Old Dominion. The one thing that always stood out was his love for his beloved Amy. Few are fortunate enough to experience that kind of devotion. Amy, cherish those wonderful memories,


Steve Hicks posted on 3/13/16

My sincerest condolences to the family. I flew F-105's with Bill in the Virginia Air Guard and am honored to have known his friendship. I will always remember his smile and enthusiasm. He had a true passion for life.


Gale & Paul Lumadue posted on 3/13/16

Dear Amy, Paul & I send our heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beloved Bill. You have always been the best couple I've ever known; your love for each other was always obvious and touching, along with your playful natures. I have many, many happy memories and they all involve the zoo and most also include Apollo the llama and the bond you all had. After all, you & Bill did introduce Apollo to the microphone, where it appeared he would make a speech; and another time when you escorted him to the large drums, which rather than scaring him, piqued his interest to such an extent, you HAD to let him check them out! That really is a sweet and funny picture in my mind. I know how very much you will miss Bill and we can only hope & pray that time will help, along with knowing how much he was obviously loved by so many.


Paul Galanti USNA '62 posted on 3/13/16

Bill was one of the best pilots I ever flew with. We were visiting the AF Prep School for William's graduation. After flying through USAFA about 30' above the deck and being cautioned we were too low, Bill replied, "Roger, tower, must be something wrong with our altimeter. I better check it again." We then flew through the prep school lower and faster. His diplomatic skills precluded any disciplinary action. What a man! RIP, Bill. It's been a great ride.


Alis Cerrahyan posted on 3/13/16

I thank you for the great example you displayed. Couldn't be more proud to know such a soldier of life. You will be greatly missed.


Ed Jeffcoat posted on 3/13/16

Read and still have his first book.


Betsy & Ed posted on 3/13/16

Dear Amy, we will always remember Bill fondly. His life was one of service and dedication to country, community, family and friends. And his steadfast love for you will always live on... You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Betsy & Ed posted on 3/13/16

We will miss Bill dearly. His life was one of service and dedication to his country, his community, his family, and his friends. You are in our prayers and hearts, Amy. We believe that Bill will live on in all the good deeds you do.


Shirley Croft posted on 3/13/16

Dear Amy, I am so sorry to hear of Bill's passing. My prayers are with you and your family. I have such fond memories of working as mentor to you and Bill when you first came to the zoo. May God be with you at this difficult time.